College Credit Plus Program……what if?

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College Credit Plus…..Are standards allowed anymore?

The allure of “free education” is so inviting, so intoxicating; but it can be a deception. You know what they say about something being too good to be true.  Well there is the other saying about the fact that nothing is really free when using other people’s money…somebody’s paying for it.

What if many taxpayers were being duped about the value of a “free education?”

What if the noble gesture of “equality of opportunity” actually transformed into the “equality of outcome?”

What if we wanted everyone to “dunk a basketball,” so we lowered the rim (i.e. standards) so everyone could achieve their goal?

What if we never had any standards of admission into our community college, so that the college could receive payments for remedial courses?

What if we never held anyone accountable for their performance while in college?

What if your targeted students no longer believed in your product, and your students no longer valued your offerings?

What if we pandered to a different student base that would fulfill the need for additional revenue, but most of the students are ill prepared to absorb what you are selling?

What if we were willing to assume that all students, even as young as 13 years old, are capable of doing college level work, and see no need for standards? Should 13-year-old students be milling around with twenty-somethings?

What if one-half of the students, when asked to read out loud, sound more like recent immigrants struggling to learn English, even when they are allegedly the “cream of the crop” of their high school classes?

What if only 3% of the students ever read a book on a regular basis, and the majority had never read a single novel by Mark Twain, never heard of Ralph Waldo Emerson or Harry Truman; but have extensive knowledge about every app on their smartphone that they use eight hours a day?

What if there was absolutely zero consideration for the well-being of our students because their “free education” kept many employed in high paying positions? This would be the “golden parachute crowd” if we were talking private sector.

What if what we are selling is so watered down (from “lowering the rim”), that the fact that the entire County has the same piece of paper making what was “free” really meaningless?

Ladies and gentlemen, although there are some dedicated CCP students making the most of the opportunity, many are just ill prepared for college level material. Years ago a 13-year-old may have been prepared for college level courses, but the education being delivered in the public school system these days is so watered down students can barely read out loud or write a coherent sentence with proper structure and punctuation. No, the public school system is too busy indoctrinating our children into the progressive movement to prepare them for post-secondary education.

Today’s college is little more than an extension of childhood for these students. Critical thinking is frowned upon in those establishments. These “institutions of higher learning” are busy equipping safe spaces as coping mechanisms when life deals a “curve ball” to the students.

Unfortunately, the mantra of “equality of opportunity” for all has morphed into “equality of outcome” for all, where everyone gets a participation trophy/certificate, or yet another degree that is most likely meaningless.

A great disservice has been perpetrated on these youngsters for not maintaining higher standards, and the taxpayers deserve so much more for their money.

We wonder if an institution’s accreditation can ever be in jeopardy.


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