Pandemic Communications and Contingency Planning

LFC Comments:  One of our goals is helping people any way that we can.  When we see good work done for the community, we heap praise on the individuals that unselfishly give of their time and talents to help communicate the truth.

We met Mr. Stephen Lee of Concord Township when we were researching the proposed two new fire stations, and communicating the pros and cons of the Trustees’ proposals.  We could tell that Mr. Lee had a great deal of experience in solving corporate public relations problems because of the way he addressed the issue and communicated the solutions.

In these unsettling times of the Covid-19 pandemic, there must be a great deal of concern in the business community about how to address those problems that are specific to each unique industry.

As a public relations expert, Stephen has provided LFC with his Executive Summary for his business solutions addressing the need for “Pandemic Communications and Contingency Planning “.

Pandemic Communications Module – Copyright 2020 Lee & Co. (1)

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We publish this with a big thank you to Stephen for his efforts on behalf of Concord residents, and we wish him much success with his business venture.

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  1. Thank you, Brian. Appreciate your support of good and beneficial ideas.

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