The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife Versus Barack Obama

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Geauga County’s Susan Daniels has written a memoir. Her book is available on Our book is on order, and we hope that you will support Susan with her endeavor to get out the truth about Barry Obama’s birth certificate. Coupled with her husband being killed by a mob gangster named Danny Greene, and the secrets revealed after his death, it is safe to say Susan has lead a very interesting life as a Mom of seven kids and becoming a private investigator at the age of fifty-three.

The Rubbish Hauler’s Wife versus Barack Obama is the true story of Susan Daniels, an ordinary housewife from smalltown Ohio. Beginning in 2009, she felt her country was being destroyed by the Left from within. She decided to single-handedly take on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, by attempting to remove him from the state of Ohio presidential ballot in 2012.

Daniels sets the stage for his drama by recounting her life story which began as an uphill battle, from an unimaginable childhood to the murder of her husband, a rubbish hauler, by a Cleveland gangster named Danny Greene. She found herself widowed at the age of thirty with seven small children, the oldest was ten. Upon her husband’s death, the secret she had kept of his second family was splashed all over the news media, stunning friends, family and, most of all, her own children. Daniels was left with a high school education, little hope and no money.

Daniels had to rely on her own resources to raise her family and move on, later becoming a private investigator at age fifty-three. In doing so, she stumbled upon Barack Obama’s biggest secret – though allegedly born in Hawaii, he had been using a stolen social security number issued in Connecticut for his entire adult life!

Daniels filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama’s Ohio candidacy in 2012, with the goal of forcing him to reveal his true origins and identity. She tried to enlist the aid of high ranking Republicans, none of whom would acknowledge what she was doing. That’s how Daniels learned early on that the fix was in with the Uni-party in Washington DC. Now at the age of eighty-one, Daniels shares her amazing journey from personal heartache to challenging the highest levels of power in the United States government.


LFC comments: When I read the name Danny Greene I had to do some additional research since I remember reading about Mr. Greene losing his life in a car bomb. Here is a link that provides some history of Mr. Greene and his connection to Cleveland’s rubbish hauling business.


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