Lake County Jail…Should we build it?

LFC Comments: We received the following article from a Willoughby lobbyist that is not in favor of building a brand new jail.


Should we build a new Lake County Jail?

Written by: Willoughby lobbyist
Edited by: LFC

There is a reason to not increase borrowing (bonds) or taxes for a jail or another other municipal purchase.

We are about to face massive inflation.

How did that happen?

The trillions created by the Federal Reserve are now making their way into the hands of Main Street.  You  may recall that about 3 trillion was made to bail out banks and the Repo market.   That happened under cover of Covid back in March 2020.

Those funds stayed largely on bank balance sheets or made their way to the stock market helping to bid up prices.     Many people wondered why the stock market was going up while small businesses were hurting from Covid lockdowns.   That is because the Federal Reserve was helping to create monies for its member banks as a form of permanent bailouts. That “quantative easing” fueled increased stock prices ,but was not making it to the ordinary man.

On March 29, 2020; financial expert, John Titus, was able to prove that the Federal Reserve was using Coronavirus as an excuse to create money and then give it to its member banks.

Months later, a smaller amount of money was minted “quantitative easing” to provide relief for Covid Lockdowns.   That money was Lockdown relief for states, businesses, and individuals.      These “Mainstreet” monies are now getting into full circulation and are fueling rising prices in all categories.    The avalanche of circulating dollars has just begun.    You can find many articles like the following on the web……

Boomberg:   The Grocery Price Shock Is Coming to a Store Near You

[LFC Add: Excerpt from Bloomberg article:
“Soaring raw material prices have broad repercussions for households and businesses, and threaten a world economy trying to recover from the damage of the coronavirus pandemic. They help fuel food inflation, bringing more pain for families that are already grappling with financial pressure from the loss of jobs or incomes.”]

NewsDay:  Gas Prices Rising

What is the result for Lake County?    The result is that prices on all goods and services will rise.  Economist talk about the “Wage and Price Spiral”.   This means that when prices rise, workers begin to recognize the diminished purchasing power of their money.    In response, teachers, police, and all other workers will all demand higher wages in order to help cover increased household expenses. 

[LFC Add: Seniors and those living on fixed incomes are going to be crushed if they do not have any significant savings to use. We have been warning that the ever-increasing property taxes are prices seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes they have worked all their lives to achieve.]

I encourage you to go to the lumber department at Lowe’s. Speak to the local clerk.   Lumber has gone up 4 fold.  That jail will cost a lot more than what our Sheriff (or Commissioners) thinks it will cost. 

So, what do we do to address our sheriff’s concerns?   Clearly, it would be foolish to go into BONDage.    

We need to get creative…

  • Can some portion of the jail population be placed under house arrest using tracking technology?  
  • Can existing county buildings be repurposed?   Can a school district building be repurposed?
  • Repurposing an existing building would still cost money.
  • [LFC Add: What will happen to all the commercial real estate that will no longer be needed because many more employees are working from home?]

I have long advocated a public bank because I realize that the endgame is to…

(1) Place everyone under debt bondage where everyone is highly leveraged.

Example:  The nation has been forced into debt bondage because these large banks that govern the Federal Reserve are continuously bailing themselves out.

Example:  Small businesses are now highly leveraged (lots of loans) due to lockdowns.

Example:  Lending forces house  prices up.  The  more banks lend, the more this gives people credit to bid up house prices. That means people pay more for a house, even if they are lucky enough to have cash.   Most people, however, do not have cash and they go into greater and greater debt to buy a house.

(2) Then eventually let increasing interest rates make it impossible to service existing debt.

(3) Take ownership (legal title) of all property via default.   The GREAT RESET model is that “you will own nothing and love it”.

(4) As per the Great Reset model, eventually create an UBER style economy where “no one owns anything” and we are all leasing from the bankster class and friends of the bankster class.   The Great Reset model is basically car leasing on a large scale.

Lake County has placed its operating monies with Chase Manhattan Bank.   This is among the top largest banks and top Great Reset players. The banking class can go to the Fed and borrow at .25% or nearly free money.

My suggestion is that Lake County (perhaps in collaboration with other counties) or the state of Ohio, get into the banking game.

We can borrow whatever monies we need at .25% or use CARES act funds as the Lake county bank’s collateral.   We will no longer be sending interest and fees to CHASE because our deposits would now be kept (more safely BTW) with our own local Lake County bank.    (For added safety, the Lake County Bank could even have its own gold holdings.)

Those fees and interest payments would stay at home netting a huge savings.
The savings we yield could then be used to refurbish an existing county building as a jail. 








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