Lake County Commissioners’ Meeting 4/29/21…chance to see ES&S Voting Machines

LFC Comments by Brian Massie – Concord Resident

If you have any interest in seeing the new ES&S voting and tabulating machines being proposed by the Lake County Board of Elections, please attend the next Commissioners’ meeting at 10:00 am on April 27, 2020. The public meeting room is on the 5th floor of the new Administration building in Painesville.

The doors are perpetual locked, but you can buzz the sheriff’s deputy with the call button next to the door and tell him you are there to attend the Commissioners’ meeting. The stupid, non-working, face masks are required for entry and the cordial deputy will take your temperature. We will test their adherence to the Lake County Health Commissioner’s notice about mask exemptions tomorrow, and will report on our findings.

Mr. Ross McDonald, Director of the Lake County Board of Elections, will be there to answer any questions the public may have. We will be there with our camera to video all aspects of the machine so that we can report to our readers that cannot attend the meeting.

The cost of the new hardware and software will be $2.7 million, with Lake County chipping in $500,000.

Hope to see your there.




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