Resolution 20 and the State of Ohio School Board…Marxism on display

LFC Comments: Thanks to our Lake County lobbyist for this article on the State Board of Education meeting in July 2020 about Critical Race Theory and White Privilege.


Resolution 20 and the State School Board

Written by: Lake County Lobbyist
Edited by: LFC staff

I read your article on the lawsuit about CRT in the schools.

I urge you to read the minutes of the Ohio Board of Education meeting where Resolution 20 was passed and to see who voted:

The final vote is seen on page 59.  Then see Board of Education bios ( for the members and find that not a single Kasich or DeWine appointee to the Board of Education voted against the resolution.  Not to mention, of the named board members in the lawsuit for stifling public comment on the board’s decisions, 2 were appointed to their position by REPUBLICAN Governors.  First appointed by “REPUBLICAN” John Kasich and then re-appointed for a new term by “REPUBLICAN” Mike DeWine.

DeWine made the reappointments of these 2 individuals in December of 2020, i.e. 5 months AFTER they voted for Resolution 20:

LFC Add: Governor DeWine appointed the following State School Board Members on December 11, 2020.

Kohler / Dackin / Manchester / Poklar

Laura Kohler – President of State School Board

LFC Add: It is quite obvious to all clear thinking Republicans that DeWine has moved to the “dark side” and now qualifies to be called the “betrayer-in-chief”. We hope that he stops thinking about running for Governor. Time to “hang up one’s spurs” and head to the rocking horse on the front porch. His chances for being re-elected are slim to none…and slim left town!

LFC Add:

(1) According to the State Board of Education black students face another obstacle:

“The long lasting and still present effects of our country’s history of slavery, oppression and exclusion have created barriers to access, opportunity and outcomes.”

(2) According to the State Board of Education, we must advance equity for all students.

“We must celebrate the work that many Ohio teachers, administrators and communities are doing to condemn racism and advance equity of opportunity for all students. We must encourage districts to continue and advance this work and we must provide vehicles and opportunities for this work to be shared.”

(3) According to the State Board of Education, racial basis is more widespread.

“White privilege is defined as societal practices that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by people of color under the same social, political, and economic circumstances.”

(4) According to the State Board of Education, equity is not opportunity.

“President Kohler [DeWine’s appointment] referred Mrs. [Kirsten] Hill to page 8 of the strategic plan for the definition of equity.”

“Equity is the first and it is defined that Ohio’s education challenge remains equity in education achievement for each child. So it’s not opportunity. It’s education achievement and further it says the path to equity begins with a deep understanding of the history of discrimination and bias and how it has come to impact the society.” “So that is the definition of equity in this particular context.” [Say what???]

[LFC Comment: Ms. Kohler is the President of the State Board of Education. If this is the “best of the best” in the State, we now understand why ~70% of Cleveland High School graduates cannot read.]

We did some research on equity versus equality, and here is what we found.

“Much has been made of the difference between equity and equality. While equality means treating every student the same, equity means making sure every student has the support they need to be successful.”

[LFC Comment: Are we to assume the the government schools will now take over the role of the parents? How else can they ensure equal support? Do they think they can price us out of our homes with ever-increasing property taxes, all the while they are producing an inferior product. Evil truly works in incremental steps. People are waking up to the lies, deceptions and betrayals by these communists!]

We will let the readers decide if “equity” is nothing more than Marxist tactic to divide and conquer the people of the United States. They appear to be creating chaos in hopes of creating a race war!

The government schools preach equality of opportunity, but what they really want is equality of outcome. They will continue to dumb down the children, because ignorant people are easier to control. Communists want two classes of people – the rulers and the ruled!

Regarding our “betrayer-in-chief” Governor Mikey DeWine,….he is way past his expiration date…we will vote for a Democrat before we vote for DeWine. We hope we have been clear…crystal clear…


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