Resolution 20…communist claptrap


[LFC Comments; You may be interested in reading all about Resolution 20 being proposed by the State of Ohio Board of Education.  It is more liberal, leftist, communist claptrap meant to destroy Ohio public schools.  Looks like racial division is another objective – divide and conquer.  It would be really, really helpful if they could reinforce the basic family structure with a Mother and a Father.  When you destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse.  Can you tell me why 70% of Cleveland Public School children cannot read when they graduate from high school?  This social justice nonsense will continue to divide us?]


Dear Friends~please read the link below and forward this to Ohio educators, active and retired, and concerned citizens.

Resolution 20 contains a set of items adopted by the Ohio Dept. of Education and provides  required staff training “to identify implicit biases” to avert “unconscious racial bias” and “curriculum reexamination to eliminate bias and ensure that America’s white supremacy…are accurately addressed.”

The divisive anti-American 1619 Project is already listed as a teacher resource on the Ohio Dept. of Education website. One of the board members may propose addition of it to the curriculum.
We need a groundswell of citizens to have a voice on policies adopted by the State Board members. If you take the time to contact them they will listen.
I ask that you share your views about the unhealthy nature of this resolution by contacting:
The board members-email contacts to be found on the website:  www.
and the Superintendent of Instruction, Paolo Demaria.

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