Letter to the Editor…How do you handle betrayal?

[LFC Comments: Thanks to one of our Kirtland lobbyists for sending this article to us.  It appeared as a letter to the editor on Cleveland.com.  We have several articles ready to publish regarding Mr. Callender’s alleged involvement in Mr. Householder’s alleged $60 million bribery scheme.  However, we will never knowingly bear false witness against anyone – be they friend or foe.  We have spoken to Mr. Callender on this matter, and will be doing further checking on new facts brought to our attention.]



Ohio House enablers of House Bill 6 like Lake County’s Jamie Callender should resign or be voted out

It was impossible to ignore the stench surrounding Ohio’s bailout of FirstEnergy and its nuclear plants, and the subsequent disgusting lie campaign that derailed the effort to mount a voter initiative to reverse House Bill 6. Now that the facts are known and the massive scheme of House Speaker Larry Householder and his cronies exposed in federal criminal allegations, it is imperative we reverse this travesty of the legal system and hold the guilty accountable.

In addition to Householder — who, if he has any integrity left, should resign — there is an unanswered question about the possible culpability of our local representative in Lake County, state Rep. Jamie Callender, that needs resolution. Was Callender merely a “useful idiot” in Householder’s scheme, or is he an as-yet-unindicted co-conspirator? Callender has shown himself unfit to represent the citizens of Ohio District 61 and should resign. If not, there needs to be a reckoning by the voters in November.

There also needs to be a thorough accounting of all of the Republican votes for this criminally tainted legislation to determine who pocketed large sums of money from FirstEnergy in the alleged pay-to-play scam.

Gregory Leyes,


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[LFC Comment: Has anyone reading this article  ever been truly

betrayed by someone very, very close to you?  How did you feel? 

 How did you defend yourself?  Could you even defend yourself? Ever

feel like an idiot for being so trusting?]


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  1. [image: Democrat Affiliation] Gregory A Leyes’s Ohio Voter Registration

    Concord, Ohio


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