City of Stow kneels before BLM

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to a Brecksville lobbyist for this article.  We wonder how many cities, townships and villages will kneel before these communists?] *********************1776 “Stow’s mayor and Council think this will absolve them of their “white privilege” sins and prevent… Read More ›

Conservatism versus Socialism

A Clear Choice for Americans….Conservatism versus Socialism Clear choice card It will take deception and betrayal by both political parties to move toward socialism, and an armed revolution to win back our freedom and liberty.   Your choice…we hope you… Read More ›

Voter Fraud

(LFC Comments:  Free and fair elections are paramount for our country to survive as a constitutional republic.  We found these articles on voter fraud to be very disturbing.) Excerpts from the article: “A  former Judge of Elections in Philadelphia,… Read More ›

TikTok…what is it?

(LFC Comments: Thanks to a Concord lobbyist for making us aware of “TikTok”.  We had never heard of it, but this Chinese video sharing social networking service is not working in the best interests of the United States.) *********************1776 Republicans… Read More ›