What do you call a elitist politician that he would knowingly lie to voters?

By Tom Zawistowski / January 21, 2024

SCUMBAG: A pathetic and desperate elitist politician who is so morally bankrupt and lacking in common decency that he would knowingly lie to voters in his Congressional race about an act of bravery and courage by his opponent in order to steal an election.

Above you can see the mail piece “PAID FOR BY RULLI FOR OHIO” that was delivered on Saturday (1/20/24) to Republican Primary Voters across the Ohio 6th District. In it, SCUMBAG Michael Rulli accuses his opponent Reggie Stoltzfus, the most conservative legislator in Ohio and who is endorsed by ALL the Top TEA Party/Liberty Groups in the District, of being “NOT A CONSERVATIVE, JUST A CONVICT” with the salacious charge of “GUILTY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”!!! Gee, did Stoltzfus beat his wife? Did he beat his kids??? Did he Beat his Dog???

No, Reggie Stoltzfus, as a young man in high school, defended his mother from getting beat up and after being charged, his conviction was later expunged. An expungement order directs the court to treat the criminal conviction as if it had never occurred. You can hear Reggie explain what happened in this short video.

Now, here is why MICHAEL RULLI is a SCUMBAG! Rulli and his dumb ass campaign team knew this was all a LIE!! How? Because the corrupt Republican Elites tried to use this same stupid, and despicable, tactic against Stoltzfus in his Ohio House Race in 2018!!! (See the Twitter Post Below.) Did they think you voters would not find out that they were lying??? Rulli and his team think conservative voters are stupid or they would not have done this! This is an insult to YOUR intelligence and it was INTENTIONAL!!!

So let me ask you as a voter, would you rather send a guy to Congress like Reggie Stoltsfuz to fight with Trump against the Marxist Left who had to courage to stand up and protect his mother from domestic violence despite the consequences, or a guy who is a weasel like Michael Rulli who will KNOWINGLY LIE TO YOUR FACE! How can you as a voter EVER vote for Rullie when he just proved himself to be a liar?

Michael Rulli, you should be ashamed of yourself and you should drop out of the race RIGHT NOW! We don’t need people like you in government. In fact you should resign from your Ohio State Senate position now that you have exposed your true moral character. YOU ARE A SCUMBAG RULLI!

Now for you County Chairman in the Ohio 6th District. If you have endorsed Rulli you need to withdraw that endorsement IMMEDIATELY! All of you need to reject these disgusting and unacceptable campaign tactics against a fellow Republican. It is past time for the Republican Party to reject the corrupt campaign tactics of John Kasich, Matt Borges, Larry Householder and the Blue 22!!

Call to Action: Every Conservative Republican voter in the Ohio 6th District needs to call their County Chairman MONDAY and demand that they:Call for Rulli to Drop out of the Race Endorse Reggie Stoltzfus for Congress

Stoltzfus Twitter Post in Response to Rulli Attack:

The 6 mailers in the picture above were sent by former Ohio Republican Speaker of the House, Larry Householder (who is now sitting in prison for corruption) in 2018 in a desperate attempt to fool voters. Now Mike Rulli is trying the same dirty tactics in 2024???Don’t these RINOs understand voters don’t like to be lied to?


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