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We have said for some time that Europe is foreshadowing what will happen in the United States. A source in Italy sent us the following article. Over ten years ago, the patriots were trying to warn their fellow Americans about Agenda 21. We were ridiculed as “tin foil hat wearers”, and marginalized by fellow Americans. The same thing is happening today when we talk about the Great Reset, social credit scores, health passports, plandemic, and the betrayal by the American legacy press. People want to believe the comforting lies rather than the unpleasant truth.

You may continue to ‘live in a bubble”, and think that the “cavalry is coming to save us”. You are mistaken, and will pay a heavy price – the loss of your freedom and liberty. It is all an illusion. You can forget about going back to our former (prior to 2020) world.


Written by Italian John l March 29, 2021

When I moved to Italy in 1990, there were close to 1,200 Italian restaurants
and trattorie,  (sit-down; 4 courses)  and there were only 2 Chinese restaurants,
2 Indian restaurants, 1 Mexican, 1 Turkish, and 1 Brazilian restaurant. 

Today, there are less than one hundred Italian restaurants, but over 800 Chinese
Japanese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, Turkish, and Brazilian restaurants. 
Why do you suppose that is?  

Here are some of my observations:  Starting around 1996, a series of laws and new
taxes were applied to the restaurant business in northern Italy.  Some of the new 
rules and regulations came from the provincial or state level, but the majority came from the European Union. (Keep in mind what I said before:  Italians have no say whatsoever in who goes to represent them in Bruxelles, and no matter how badly they screw up, there is absolutely nothing we can do to recall them).     

In 2009,  i.e. post- Lehman Brothers, the going got tough for most restaurant owners in the Province.  Really tough.  Owners who had never taken out a loan in 50+ years of doing business were now forced to ask the banks for a loan. But since all of the smaller banks had mysteriously folded between 1988 and 2006, these owners were forced to turn to the big banks, the ones whose Directors had all been trained in the City of London.  The great majority of loan applications (80% ?)  were turned down.   

But here’s the part that got me really upset  (and a lot of other people):   between 2007 and 2014,  no less than 200 immigrants, fresh off the boat (literally!)  were given loans of 75,000 euro or more to open up a Kebab shop!  These loans were guaranteed by the Province of  Turin and the Region of Piedmont!  These kebab shops don’t have to pay the trash collection tax  (highest in Europe)  and only pay 1/4 to 1/2 of the other taxes. 
Why do they get special treatment?  Because the EU mandates it so. Since they are poor,  defenseless, starving immigrants with 5 starving-to-death children and barren cupboards,  we have to grant them special treatment.

Now,  I have no problem with helping an immigrant make a fresh start. My grandparents were immigrants.  Life is rather hard as an immigrant.  I get it.

However, you should SEE the owners of these kebab shops!  Like Ahmed H.  Starving to death my arse. . . .Ahmed looks like a drill instructor from Parris Island!!  And he’s sending 3500+ euro back to his wife in Nigeria  every month. 
This is cultural replacement, pure and simple.  Some very powerful men in Bruxelles and the  City of London  (with a little help from their cohort in Vienna, Venice, the Hague, and Khmelnitskji) are using all of their power and pelf (ill-gotten gains) to break the Europeans’ spirit, in order to minimize their resistance to the Great Reset. 

The uber-powerful  (i.e.  those who send their lackeys to attend Davos)  have never tried to hide their intentions. Their great-grandfathers wrote hundreds of books on the need to do so, “in order to save the species”   They gave us Aldous Huxley. They commissioned Carroll Quigley to write    ‘Tragedy and Hope’ to clue us in.  They gave us Antony Sutton. (British-American Economist / Writer)

After they came out with Agenda 21, they commissioned 3 or 4 individuals in every western country, to warn us what it was really all about.  It’s not like this was some major secret.  Unfortunately, 99.98% of the people were way too busy to seek out and read these books.                   

I have spent the past 20 years in the alternative energy sector.  (NB:  Bluebirds Technology LLC is registered here in Ohio, domiciled at 7555 Bessemer in Cleveland)  I have interviewed the best of  the best in clean energy,  at Case Western, Massachusetts Institute, Stanford, Rensselaer Poly, and Georgia Tech. 

And to date, the very best idea I’ve ever seen did not come from a doctoral candidate at one of these schools;  The best idea came from a farmer in a small town, around 30 km south of Turin.

His idea has the potential to really and truly change the way energy is generated and distributed, and to create at least 700 semi-skilled jobs for the Province. However,  when Giampiero tried to raise the 185,000 euro  he needed to build a prototype, he    was turned down by every institution at the Polytechnic University of Turin,  at the Polytechnic University of Milan,  and at La Sapienza.
The power elite have spent the past 110 years acquiring, legally or illegally, the majority of the world’s prime sources of energy and of the distribution and storage infrastructure.  They have concrete plans to acquire the sources they do not yet own.  They do not want new entrants to the space.  They do not want ranchers and farmers to generate their own electricity.  They certainly won’t allow people like Giampiero to get funded.      

Eric Holder
Whatever his defects and foibles,  Eric Holder did do the average American a big favor once. 

In early 2014, one of the big players in the pipeline business got himself into some real hot water.  The usual tactics to divert the public’s attention were not working.   A young reporter, probably his first day on the job, caught Holder off guard and asked him point blank,  “Are you going to prosecute so and so”?  Holder turns to the suit behind him and shoots him a look, as if to say  “Who the hell let this guy get in?”

He turns to the reporter and quips  “There is no case, it’s all   ‘He said, She said’. “
But the reporter insists, and asks why Holder won’t prosecute.   Holder replies  “Because I don’t want my kids to get fast cancer”, or something to that effect,   “and Mr. [head of the SEC] also loves his kids.” 
This singular statement proves what many taxpayers have long suspected:   that the most powerful men in the country (who we never elected)  have all the powers of a Sovereign. They make the final call.  They are the Ultimate Decision Makers.  They can commit any crime, no matter how heinous, and they will never  go to jail.  No judge, no congressman will ever oppose them. 
So if one day, They determine that heterosexual anti-vak$ers who drive Chevrolet’s are making too much money, then small business loans will be hard to come by for heterosexual anti-vak$ers who drive Chevrolet’s.     ,   

Julian Assange
This is why they hate Julian Assange with a passion. Because Julian went way beyond the point where CNN and Fox News and OANN were allowed to go.  We already knew there was a man behind the curtain, but Julian let us see that there was a second curtain, and a third curtain, and a fourth curtain. 

Thanks to Julian, we can figure out for ourselves why Mike DeWine never, ever called out Peter Daszak or Sina Bavari.

LFC comments: We did a search on Daszak and Bavari:

Peter Daszak is a British zoologist and an expert on disease ecology, in particular on zoonosis. He is currently president of EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit non-governmental organization that supports various programs on global health and pandemic prevention with headquarters in New York City. Wikipedia

 Dr. Sina Bavari is a lead decision maker and leader in global research and development of vaccines and therapeutics for deadly infectious diseases.




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