Archbishop Viganò blows the whistle on the Covid-19 Agenda

LFC Comments: Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for this article. Archbishop Vigano reveals the truth about the Covid agenda, and the corruption in the Catholic Church. Please take the time to read the entire article.


Archbishop Viganò: COVID agenda aims to destroy national sovereignties and the divine mission of the Church

Excerpts from the article:

“What we have witnessed is a plan that is not at all scientific, and that ought to arouse universal indignation. We know, by the admission of those involved, that this pseudo-pandemic was planned for years, primarily by weakening national health systems and pandemic plans.”

“The problem is not COVID in itself, but the use of what has happened in order to accomplish the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum announced some time ago and that today is being implemented point by point, with the intention of making social changes inevitable that would otherwise be rejected and condemned by the majority of the population.”

“The resulting damage, which is still ongoing, has been enormous and, in many instances, irreparable. I feel an unspeakable torment in thinking of the devastating consequences of the way this pandemic has been managed: families destroyed, children and young people affected in their psycho-physical equilibrium and deprived of their right to socialization, elderly people left to die alone in nursing homes, patients with cancer and serious diseases completely neglected, entrepreneurs forced into bankruptcy, the faithful denied the Sacraments and the possibility of attending Mass…. But these are the effects of a war, not of a seasonal flu syndrome that, if treated in time, has a 99.7% survival rate in those not affected by a previous condition. And it is significant that, in this mad rush towards the abyss, the basic principles of a healthy life are also ignored in order to weaken our immune system: we are confined at home, we are kept away from the light of the sun and fresh air, so that we can passively suffer the media terrorism of television.”

Archbishop C. M. Viganò:  “The expression “deep state” conveys very well the idea of a parallel power, deprived of legitimacy but nevertheless operating in public affairs for the pursuit of particular interests. The deep state promotes the advantage of the elite against the common good that the State has the duty to promote. In the same way, we cannot fail to recognize that in the last few decades a similar power has been consolidated in the ecclesial sphere, which I have called the deep church, which places the pursuit of its own interests against the purposes of the Church of Christ herself, first and foremost the salus animarum. ” [LFC Add: “for the salvation of souls”]

“Thus, just as in public affairs there are hidden powers that guide the decisions of governments and follow the globalist agenda, in the Catholic Church there is a very powerful lobby that usurps the authority of the Hierarchy with the same purposes. In substance, both State and Church are occupied by an illegitimate power that has their destruction and the establishment of the New World Order as its final goal. And we are not talking about conspiracy theories or political fantasy: it is proven by what happens right before our very eyes, to the point that the Secretary General of the United Nations recently affirmed that the virus was used to suppress dissent.”

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: The overlap between the deep state and the deep church takes place on several fronts. The first is undoubtedly at the ideological level: the revolutionary, anti-Catholic and essentially Masonic matrix of globalist thought is the same, and not just since 2013.”

“The second front lies in the internal dynamics of the deep state and the deep church: both of them count among their members people who are deviant, not only intellectually and spiritually but also morally. The sexual and financial scandals that have involved very high members of both politics and institutions and also of the Catholic hierarchy demonstrate that the corruption and vice are on the one hand an element that unites them, and on the other hand an effective deterrent, by reason of the common blackmail to which all of them are subjected.”

The perversions of noted politicians and prelates force them to obey the globalist agenda even when their collaboration appears unreasonable, reckless, or contrary to the interests of citizens and the faithful. This is why there are rulers who at the orders of the elite destroy the economy and the social fabric of their nation; this is why, spectacularly, there are cardinals and bishops who propagate gender theory and false ecumenism, thereby giving scandal to Catholics: both of them are carrying out the interests of their master, betraying their mission of service to the nation or the Church.” [LFC Comments: When a politician or Church official does something that does not make sense, they may be being blackmailed.]




“All of this reveals the collaboration of the deep state and the deep church in an ugly combination whose purpose is to destroy national sovereignties on the one hand and the divine mission of the Church on the other. Disturbing connections are emerging with the American electoral fraud, with the virus created in the Wuhan laboratory, and finally with the commercial relationships of the Chinese dictatorship, the primary supplier of masks (which is not compliant with CE norms) to Italy and many other nations. It seems to me that we have gone far beyond mere clues.”

“The economic crisis triggered by the lockdown must make the cancellation of debt and the institution of universal income inevitable, in exchange for the renunciation of private property and the acceptance of tracking by means of the health passport. Whoever refuses the vaccine will be able to be interned in detention camps that are already prepared in many nations, including Germany[11]. The violations of constitutional and religious rights will be tolerated by the courts, in the name of an eternal emergency which prepares the masses for the dictatorship. This is what awaits us, according to the admissions of the authors of the Great Reset.”

What will the world be like if the forces which you call the forces of darkness should prevail?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: A world in which the deep state should prevail will realize the worst scenarios described in the Book of Revelation, by the Fathers of the Church, and by various mystics. It would be an infernal kingdom in which everything that recalls Christian society even distantly – from religion to laws, from the family to school, from health to work – would be banned, overturned, and perverted.

Heterosexuals would be persecuted; families of a man and a woman would be prohibited; children would be obtained in rented uteruses; history would be censored; religion would be discredited; honesty and discipline would be derided; honor would be called out as a fascist concept; manhood would be condemned as “toxic;” motherhood would be deplored as “non-sustainable;” old age would be forced to euthanasia; sickness would be considered only as an occasion of profit; health would be seen as suspect. And, after two centuries of indoctrination, we would also have to see even the famous system of democracy denied, in the name of which those who govern us do so without elections, all in the name of public health.”



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