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Governor DeWine Approves of “Dark Money”

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to the patriots at Auburntownship.org for this article on Governor DeWine’s approval of using “dark money”.] https://www.auburntownship.org/NEWS2/2020_July_Dec_default.html#DEWINE_MIGHT_USE_FORMER_PRESIDENT_OF_DARK_MONEY_GROUP_TO_LOBBY_FOR_ANOTHER_NUCLEAR_BAILOUT Excerpts from the article: “Not only does he intend to keep Dan McCarthy in his administration, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine… Read More ›

State Lawmakers Develop Amnesia

[LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at Auburntownship.org for this article.] ***** https://www.auburntownship.org/COMMENTARY2/2020_July_Dec_default.html#MANY_WHO_ABETTED_LARRY_HOUSEHOLDER%E2%80%99S_MANIPULATIONS_HAVE_CONVENIENTLY_DEVELOPED_AMNESIA MANY WHO ABETTED LARRY HOUSEHOLDER’S MANIPULATIONS HAVE CONVENIENTLY DEVELOPED AMNESIA Published Sunday, August 2, 2020 By Thomas Suddes What an Ohioan sees seems to be what he… Read More ›

Householder Replaced by Cupp

[LFC Comments:  Representative Bob Cupp [R – Lima] is responsible for the “Cupp Reports” that provides the financial statistics for all 600+ public schools in Ohio.  In conjunction with the “Report Cards” for each school district, the Cupp Reports are… Read More ›