Jerry Cirino Bearing False Witness [LIED] Against a Lake County Citizen…see him in action…update 10/14…4:00 pm

[LFC Comments: There were “fireworks” at the October 8, 2020 Commissioners’ meeting. Mr. Joe Shriver addresses the Commissioners about the consulting contract signed by the Commissioners and Mr. Brian Durdle, lobbyist for the First Energy Bondholders.

Joe Shriver, a life-long Lake County resident, speaks to the Lake County Commissioners about information received from a records request from the Commissioners’ office.

Commissioner Jerry Cirino, shamelessly, mentions [10:06] the name Brian Massie as being the source of Mr. Shriver’s information on Lobbyist/Consultant Brian Durdle. THIS IS A BLATANT FALSEHOOD, AND HE IS BEARING FALSE WITNESS [LIED] AGAINST A CITIZEN!

And this “gentleman” wants to your State Senator. The real Cirino is on display for all to see.

Mr. Dave Hackman, the Assistant Prosecutor [24:23] failed to correct Mr. Cirino about his false accusation against Mr. Massie and admits that the prosecutor’s office gave the information to Mr. Shriver.

We have to correct Mr. Hamercheck’s statement [15:58] in the meeting that this is the first time he used the gavel to stop a discussion. Mr. Hamercheck used his gavel several years ago to stop a heated discussion between Brian Massie and Commissioner Dan Troy. Mr. Massie was questioning how Mr. Troy had spent the $42k in his Lake County Governance Fund, and Mr. Troy stated that he and his Treasurer were thinking of suing Mr. Massie. He created the non-profit with the excess funds from his political account when he ran for State Representative.

Here is a link to the article we wrote about the funds in question:


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  1. Looks like you are renting space in Don Vito’s head. He despises you so much that he is starting to make stupid mistakes.


  2. What an embarrassment for Lake County!


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