Householder Replaced by Cupp

[LFC Comments:  Representative Bob Cupp [R – Lima] is responsible for the “Cupp Reports” that provides the financial statistics for all 600+ public schools in Ohio.  In conjunction with the “Report Cards” for each school district, the Cupp Reports are a great tool to measure the performance of the local school districts.

Here is a link to the Cupp Reports on the Ohio Department of Education website:]


Here is a link to the Center Square article announcing the selection of Cupp as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Excerpts from article:

‘(The Center Square) – The state House has elected state Rep. Bob Cupp, R-Lima, as Speaker of the House.

The move came just hours after lawmakers voted to remove House Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, from his post and the same day the feds announced a grand jury indicted Householder and four others as part of a $60 million federal racketeering conspiracy to pass and uphold House Bill 6, a ratepayer-funded bailout of nuclear plants in Ohio.”


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