Auditor Candidate Questions Current Auditor About HB6 Connections

[LFC Comments: Here is a press release from Mr. Joe Shriver, Democrat Candidate for Lake County Auditor. It is our position that every elected official must avoid even the slightest hint of any impropriety while holding public office, or even running for public office. Please read the separate article that reports on Mr. Shriver’s letter to Mr. Galloway.

Transparency is extremely important to LFC, and we demand it of every public official. We will let the court of public opinion decide this matter on November 3, 2020. We report, but you decide!]


For Immediate Release: 8/31/2020


Painesville, OH –Candidate for Lake County Auditor Joe Shriver mailed questions to politically appointed Auditor Galloway requesting answers to serious concerns regarding the $61-million dollar bribery scheme and the connection between Federally indicted Ex-speaker Larry Householder, First Energy’s lead lobbyist Brian Durdle and the current politically appointed Lake County Auditor.

Shriver discovered significant irregularities upon reviewing Lake County financial records and budgets. Documents show that the lead lobbyist at the heart of the HB6 Corruption scandal Brian Durdle was being paid over $100,000 dollars from the public entity Laketran for services that are not specified in the reports other than to say, “political consulting” while he was lobbying for the billion-dollar First Energy bail out. After the passage of HB6 and the Laketran Levy Durdle was also rewarded $40,000 dollars to be the personal political consultant for the Republican County Commissioners, a position that previously did not exist.

Mr. Galloway, who is the Republican appointed Auditor, has received thousands of dollars in donations from Brian Durdle to his campaign directly and to political campaigns he operates through his privately owned political consulting firm REDSTATE STRATEGIES. Brian Durdle is also listed as being part of the Host Committee of a Galloway fundraiser, an event described by his campaign as “a night
of Cigars and cocktails”.

At a recent press-conference Auditor Galloway delivered First Energy lobbying talking points, claiming that First Energy’s charitable contributions are a reason to keep support for the billion dollar bailout that the US District Attorney called “the worst corruption scandal in Ohio history”.

The Auditor should not be accepting money from the lead lobbyist of a private business that had to be sued in order to collect taxes owed to Lake County. Shriver stated, “The Auditor is required to represent the financial interests of the taxpayers of Lake County. Clearly, Auditor Galloway’s decision to accept financial assistance from Brian Durdle creates a clear conflict of interest and at the very least has all the appearance of a gross impropriety.

It also seems inappropriate and a conflict of interest that Auditor Galloway is directing political campaigns in Lake County. Theses types of schemes must be investigated and terminated. Elected public office must be perused to serve the public, not to promote nepotism and self-enrichment.”


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  1. Uh oh!Quite a bomb shell turned loose, so to speak.

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  2. Who decided to hire Mr. Durdle to lobby for the county and what are the taxpayers getting for our $40,000 from Mr. Durdle?


    • Who brought Mr. Durdle to the attention of the Lake County Commissioners is really unknown at this time. We have heard conflicting stories. When we get the chance to speak to Mr. Durdle that will be one of the first questions that we ask him. The next question will be what did the taxpayers get for the $40,000 expenditure. Stay tuned.



  1. Spot the Difference in Galloway Fundraiser Flyer – Lobbyists for Citizens

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