Auditor Candidate Joe Shriver Inquires About the Durdle / Lake County Auditor Connection

[LFC Comments: Looks like the Auditor candidate, Joe Shriver (D), is trying to “pull back the curtain” on the hiring of the First Energy lobbyist Brian Durdle.

Here is a link to a prior article we wrote about the Auditor Chris Galloway and Mr. Brian Durdle, H.B. 6 lobbyist, connection.]


H.B. 6 Lobbyist Brian Durdle’s Connections with the Lake County Auditor

Written by Joe Shriver
Edited and formatted by LFC

My name is Joe Shriver. I am the Democrat candidate for Lake County Auditor. I have obtained information that I will present to the Lake County Commissioners at their next public meeting to be held on October 8th, at 10:00 AM, in the new Lake County Administrative building. 

The documents that I will present will show a government job (one that has never before existed in Lake County government) was created for a First Energy Lobbyist named Brian Durdle after he lobbied for the passage of HB6.

Invoices that were submitted and approved by the Lake County Commissioners show no date or times for work done to justify his $40,000 dollar contract. In addition, he had meetings with the Commissioners and First Energy that were not documented, nor was a 24-hour public notice given, which may have violated Ohio’s “sunshine laws.”

All the work that has been submitted by Durdle for payment are jobs that should have been done by the Commissioners and their staff.

The Lake County Auditor is responsible for looking into possible wasteful government spending. However, the lobbyist, Brian Durdle, seems to have donated significant contributions to the current, appointed Auditor’s campaign. In addition, Durdle has donated to the various political campaigns the Auditor operates through his own private political consulting company, and appears to be a close friend and/or a business partner with Durdle. 

I look forward to the Commissioners’ responses to these facts, and will provide copies of the reports to those citizens who request them from me.


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