Faith Andrews, Clerk of Courts, Defeats Lake County Judges

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, and with full-disclosure a friend of Faith Andrews

The Ohio Supreme Court have stated very clearly that the Lake County judges are not above the law. Lake County Clerk of Courts, Faith Andrews, wins her case in the Ohio Supreme Court.

We told the Lake County Commissioners when Judge Lucci, and his band of merry men and women, received the lawsuit filed by Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews, we never abandon friends.

Allegations by disgruntled supervisory employees in the Clerk’s office caused the judges to overstep their authority.

The judges put a gag order on Clerk Andrews and she was not permitted to do the job in the Clerk of Court’s legal department that she was elected to do by the voters. Now that the gag order has been lifted, the truth can now be exposed for all to see. So stay tuned.

We can tell you that not only did Clerk Andrews win, but all of the citizens of Lake County, and the citizens of all of the other 87 counties won. The judges’ actions thwarted the will of the people that elected their chosen Clerk of Courts. That position is a check and balance against the judges, and that is why it is an elected position. If the Clerk of Courts was merely an administrator reporting to the judges, there is a real possibility of judicial overreach and misconduct with no transparency.

Here are some links to the details of the case that started on April 18, 2022.

Here is the ruling by the Supreme Court:



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