Governor DeWine Approves of “Dark Money”

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to the patriots at for this article on Governor DeWine’s approval of using “dark money”.]

Excerpts from the article:

“Not only does he intend to keep Dan McCarthy in his administration, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine might use McCarthy to lobby the legislature for another nuclear bailout.

McCarthy, DeWine’s legislative affairs director, is a former lobbyist for FirstEnergy who set up a dark money group that funneled millions of corporate dollars into a second dark-money group that federal prosecutors say is at the heart of the biggest bribery scandal in Ohio history.”

‘However, as president of the 501(c)(4) Partners for Progress, McCarthy was a conduit for corporate cash to flow into a scheme that resulted in one of the biggest scandals ever to rock the Ohio Capitol.”

“Such organizations are called “dark-money” groups because they don’t have to disclose their donors.” [Emphasis added by LFC]

“The governor also dismissed the idea that running a dark-money group that passed money from FirstEnergy to Householder’s 501(c)(4) was grounds for dismissal from the DeWine administration.
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“These 501(c)(4) independent expenditures are perfectly legal,” DeWine said. “They’re used all the time. They’re used by Democrats. They’re used by Republicans. They’re used in every state in the union.”


Gov DeWine

(Picture is from the article written by Jessie Balmert.)
(Dan McCarthy is on the far left of the picture, with Gov. DeWine at the podium)

[LFC Comments:  Note to Governor DeWine:  You are known by the company you keep.  Just because the Democrats use dark money does not mean that it is acceptable for “honest and transparent” Republicans to condone such conduct.

Can we find just 10 honest and transparent people in our State government?

Regretfully, we are coming to the conclusion that the whole place is corrupt, and the welfare of the average citizen is secondary to their motives of “feathering their own nest”.]

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