Chris Galloway (R) Lake County Auditor…A Never Trumper!…How deep is the LC swamp?

Written by Brian Massie, disillusioned Patriot

Cabal – “a secret political clique or faction

[LFC Comments: We received this article from a Lake County patriot. I have to admit I was shaking my head after I read it a couple of times. Looking at the attached supporting documents provided, I realized that something is seriously wrong with the Lake County Republican Party. They have a “dirty little secret” that they are keeping from the unsuspecting taxpayers.

We keep hearing that we have to get President Trump elected, but their major players seem to be “Never Trumpers”, and are colluding with the opposing party. It reaffirms my belief that the current Republican Party, with the current leadership at all levels, will not save our Republic.

I can understand being duped by the Democrat Party since they stand for Death, Dismemberment, Destruction and Deception, but I had my hopes on the Republicans saving our country. But alas, “birds of a feather, flock together”.

To all Patriots, all I can say is you will need to follow the old Boy Scout motto – BE PREPARED!…this is not only a cultural war, but a spiritual one as well.]


We received the following from a Lake County lobbyist:

Read your article about Auditor Christopher Galloway. 

Why does the establishment of the Lake County Republican Party appoint a “Never Trumper” who is “partners in crime” with liberal Democrats?

Why does the establishment of the Lake County Republican Party continue to endorse Galloway even when Galloway doesn’t seem to endorse the Republican Party?

Galloway has teamed up with Democrat Paul Malchesky for years, and even calls him his “partner in crime”.  It makes sense for someone who describes himself as a “Never Trumper”.

Galloway sure seems to be a swamp monster who is knee deep in HB6 bribery scandal, hires friends, holds offices he should not and even runs his political business while getting paid by the taxpayers.  [LFC Comment: There is no proof , at this time, that Mr. Galloway is involved in the HB 6 bribery scandal.]

Please report on this to inform the good citizens of Lake County about who is supposed to be working for them. 


LFC Comments: Galloway (R) and Malchesky (D) were Trustees in Concord Township and were the ones that decided not to build a new fire station, or replace the dilapidated Prouty Road fire station. They opted to spend the taxpayers’ money on a Town Center project that the taxpayers did not want. They bought seven acres of land in the JEDD and built a road and round-a-bout to nowhere. They were prolific in enacting property tax levies, and were big spenders.

Jerry Cirino (R), current Lake County Commissioner and ardent supporter and benefactor of HB6, appears to be another Republican that is a Lake County cabal member. He supported Malchesky (D) when he was running for another term as Concord Township Trustee. Cirino is also very supportive of John Rogers (D) State Representative and Chairman of the Lake County Land Bank.

Cirino (R) is mentoring Jason Wuliger (R) to be his replacement, and just by chance, a relative no name Democrat is on the ballot against Wuliger; while the perennial political operative with high name recognition, and 100% supporter of abortion, is opposing the people’s Commissioner, John Hamercheck (R).

Strange how that happens, isn’t it? Why some clear thinking individual may even conclude it was setup that way, because that is how a cabal works.

There are several patriots in the Lake County Republican Party wearing “white hats” that are trying to change the direction of the Party, but it is tough sledding for them.

Galloway was appointed by the Lake County Republican Party to replace Mr. Ed Zupancic, who had to retire due to an illness. What vetting procedures did the Lake County Republican Executive Committee perform to see who supports Trump? Only one of two things could have happened: (1) No one bothered to determine Galloway’s stance on President Trump, (2) They knew his stance on President Trump, and agreed with him!!!!

Lake County Republican Party Executive Committee – You have a problem. Why should the average citizen trust anything you say? You claim that you support President Trump, but you appoint a savvy political consultant to a high profile County position that detests Trump. You will be judged on your actions, and not your words….


[LFC Comments: The following documentation was received from the contributor to this article.]

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13 replies

  1. Ahhhhhh when the politician called the lady a serial stalker?

  2. RINOS aren’t. Be truthful about what you publish.
    Personality should not enter the equation.

  3. I can’t make out what the attack was. What happened? It’s not clear.

  4. Yes, and his “partner in crime”, Paul Malchesky (now a municipal judge – go figure) is not much better. We must elect righteous people to political office. We need true public servants, and not just people that are interested in moving up on the political ladder – feathering their own nest.

  5. Working with a party like the Democrats that supports BLM, Antifa and NFU , are you a communist sympathizer or a socialist sissy liberal? That’s the excuse when you get caught making $$$ through dirty deals with Demorats!

  6. Why is a man who owns a political consultant firm even holding such a position in Lake County?

  7. Shriver is better then a sellout like Galloway telling everyone to vote for Klinton in 2016. At least Shriver ain’t fake like Galloway!

  8. Good Story and now as a Republican, our family will be voting for Joe Schiver, he doesn’t care about the Presidential elections only Lake County Citizens money! KAG2020! GO Trump!

  9. Maybe working together is better than working alone.


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