Attorney Running for Ohio House Suing State GOP for ‘Corruption’

A Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives in District 98 is suing the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) for what he says is corruption.

“I’m the new attorney for a group of State committee members trying to end the corruption in the Ohio Republican Party,” Scott Pullins, of Pullins Law Firm in Mt. Vernon told The Ohio Star.

The lawsuit against the party alleges that former chairwoman and U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken, along with current Chairman Bob Paduchik ignored sloppy and perhaps criminal party accounting practices stemming back at least 12 years before Timken took the reins.

Independent accountants, including a man called Mark Bainbridge whose experience includes accounting for Ernst & Young, a titan in that industry, was elected to the state party’s Central Committee to look over the books.

But they have reportedly been stonewalled by party leadership.

Pullins wants to clean up the mess as he runs for office, and says he has the expertise to do it.

“I’m a conservative Republican lawyer and public affairs consultant,” Pullins told The Star. “I’ve worked for over 35 years on behalf of candidates, organizations and small businesses. I’m also a longtime charter school board member.”

He is running in District 98, currently represented by State Rep. Brett Hudson Hillyer (R). The district is located south of Akron and Canton.

But that is changing with this year’s ongoing redistricting saga.

“The politicians in Columbus narrowly drew Rep. Darrell Kick into the district. Darrell is a chamber of commerce RINO that opposes medical freedom,” Pullins told The Star. “He’s never represented over half of the district and spent the last two years sitting on his hands and letting [Gov. Mike] DeWine get away with anything.”

Medical freedom, a hot topic during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a major issue for Pullins.

“My number one issue is making sure that no governor can ever shut Ohio down like Mike DeWine did again,” he said. “Medical freedom is another priority and I support HB 248.  No one should ever lose their job over a jab.”

HB 248 would ensure that no Ohioan is ever forced to take a vaccine.

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Photo “Scott Pullins” by Scott Pullins. Photo “Bob Paduchik” by Bob Paduchik.. Photo “Jane Timken” by Jane Timken.


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