Can Jane Timken Clean Up Ohio’s Rep. Party?…reboot needed

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Written by Tom Z. of We the People Convention
Glad to see ORP Chairman Jane Timken post this video. I thought it was a strong statement. However, it is missing a commitment by the Chairman to take responsibility for cleaning up the pay-to-play culture of the Ohio Republican Party. DeWine is already shaking down Ohio businesses to donate to a PAC he is going to use for his son’s next Supreme Court race because he wants his son to be the next Chief Justice. When and where does it end Chairman Timken?
When will Republican’s become the Party of the common men and women who elect them to office and deserve to be represented by those they elect? All the proof you need about the corruption of the Ohio Republican Party can be found in the fact that the Republican controlled House and Senate has not challenged DeWine on his over-the-top unconstitutional Covid response – but if Democrat Richard Cordray were Governor they would be overriding vetos left and right and reigning him in! Right?
Yea, none of them are going to do what is best for the people, too much money/power at stake for them personally! One final comment, look for lots of House Members to be implicated in this investigation. . . will Jane Timken use that opportunity to appoint actual public servants who would be free to vote their conscience and in the best interest of the people of Ohio? I will believe it when I see it. . . .
Listen to Jane Timken on this video:

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