Ohio Corruption…its everywhere…

LFC Comments:  The corruption in Ohio seems to be more virulent than the COVID-19 virus – just as contagious too.  Here is an article from the Center Square regarding the Toledo councilmen’s and councilwoman’s latest chapter in their bribery scheme.  Pretty soon it will be news only when a politician acts in accordance with the law.  It may even be “breaking news”.]


Three Toledo City Council members suspended pending federal investigation


Three of the four Toledo City Council members currently under investigation on federal charges of bribery, extortion, and conspiracy voluntarily suspended their positions Wednesday.

Yvonne Harper, Tyrone Riley, and Larry Sykes agreed to the suspension after Attorney General of Ohio Dave Yost (R) filed a request for suspension proceedings. They did not resign from their positions; temporary replacements that have yet to be appointed will fulfill the duties of their offices during the investigation. The fourth council member under investigation, Gary Johnson, continued to serve in his capacity as a council member as of July 23.

Harper, Johnson, Riley, and Sykes were arrested on June 30 on charges of bribery and extortion. The charges resulted from a two-year investigation begun by the FBI in 2016, and alleged that the four officials accepted $34,000 in bribes among them. On July 21, a grand jury indicted the council members, along with attorney Keith Mitchell, on additional charges of extortion and conspiracy.

Probate judge Jack R. Puffenberger will appoint replacements for Harper, Riley, and Sykes to serve on the city council in a temporary capacity for the duration of the investigation.



[LFC Comment:  Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive. Ruin your family name and reputation for a few measly bucks!!!]

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