Violence Starting to Escalate in Oregon

LFC Comments: Thanks to our Portage County lobbyist for this article. We do not expect that this type of conduct will only happen in the ultra liberal cities out west.


In Salem, Oregon approximately 150 black bloc Antifa militants assembled outside the Oregon state capitol on Sunday, 28 March to counter a “freedom rally” organized by right wing activists. The rally organizers gathered in Sandy, just east of Portland and travelled to the capital in a caravan of approximately 70 vehicles.

Antifa militants had infiltrated the caravan, reporting on its composition, demeanor, and movement to those waiting in Salem. Militants from the Cherry City Collective, Rose City Antifa, and the Portland chapter of the Youth Liberation Front (YLF) staged at the Capitol threw rocks and shined lasers into the eyes of arriving caravan participants.

According to the Salem Police Department (SPD), Antifa militants were wearing ballistic armor, and several possessed firearms. One caravan driver was detained after drawing a handgun in response to being surrounded while Antifa smashed his windows and tail lights. SPD deployed less-lethal munitions and arrested three militants after the gathering was declared an unlawful assembly. Prior to the attacks, Antifa militants were instructed to be prepared for violence and coordinated bail funding and legal assistance.




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