Geauga County Republicans Taken to Court

LFC Comments: The Amazing Mr. Ames, an expert on Ohio’s Open Meetings Act, has filed his case with the 11th District Court of Appeals.

We published an article about the original event that caused the lawsuit. Here is the link to the article containing a video.

  1. Nature of the Case.
    This case arises from the widespread misconception that the county central and executive committees (the “Committees”) created by the General Assembly by the enactment of R.C. 3517.03 are private internal structures of the political parties they serve, notwithstanding at least three decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States (the “SCOTUS”) and one by the Seventh District Court of Appeals (the “7th District”) holding that a state may not meddle unnecessarily in the internal mechanics of political parties.

    The issue before the Court is whether the Committees created by statute to promote free and fair elections, are governing bodies of political parties that may operate in secret and exclude all but a very few of the members of the party and all non members.

    There is little difference between such operation and that Relator-Appellant Brian M. Ames (“Mr. Ames”) will prove that the Committees are in fact external intermediaries the State has created to serve public policy and that the Open Meetings Act applies to them at all times.

LFC Comments: The politicians would be foolish to dismiss Mr. Ames. He will, rightly, hold them all accountable to the people.


A tip of the hat to the Amazing Mr. Ames!

Bravo, Mr. Ames…..




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