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LFC Comments: Thanks to the Pasadena Patriots for this article. In the interest of learning more about Geddy Friedman, our research found this link:


From the Pasadena Patriots:

I want to introduce you to Geddy Friedman who will be speaking at our Meetup May 19th. His book, “Common Sense Reignited is a call to arms for all Patriots of America to break free from the concentration of tyrannical powers. In the spirit of ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine, this manifesto boldly challenges the legitimacy of the growth of government and the devolution of powers to unelected entities, replete with Amendment Suggestions for the U.S. Constitution. 

 Patriots! It is time we unite for the cause of liberty. It’s time to reignite COMMON SENSE!
✔ Government Tyranny Exposed
✔ Oligarchical Agenda Exposed
✔ Mainstream Media Manipulation Exposed
✔ Big Tech Censorship Exposed
✔ COVID-19 Hoax Exposed
✔ Divide & Conquer Tactics Exposed
✔ Common Sense Solutions for America Provided”
His book will be available for purchase – $13.00


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