Is Dr. Fauci a deceiver?

Life, Liberty and Levin…exposing the lies, deceptions and betrayals.

Here is a 6 minute video where the Yale epidemiologist contradicts Dr. Fauci.

Renowned epidemiologist sees ‘massive disinformation campaign’ against hydroxychloroquine

From the Spectator we learn the following:

Excerpts from the Spectator article:

Dr. Risch is an outspoken proponent of hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19.

According to Dr. Steven Hatfill at Real Clear Politics, and as we have reported here at The Gateway Pundit numerous times, there are dozens of global studies that show hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19.

** 53 global studies that show positive results with HCQ on COVID-19
** 14 global studies that show neutral or negative results with HCQ on COVID-19
** 10 of those 14 negative studies were of patients in very late stages of the disease
** 2 of those 14 negative studies were by the same doctor in Minnesota
** 1 of the studies used by Dr. Fauci from a Brazilian outlet was debunked
** The last study by Lancet was later found fraudulent and retracted

All of this raises these questions in our minds:

Why would Dr. Fauci lie to all Americans?

If President Trump had not stated that he has been taking HCQ, would there be different reporting on the impact of this very inexpensive drug?

LFC answer: Always “follow the money”.

1 Timothy 10: For the love of money is the root of all evil”

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