Month: August 2020

LGBTQ Agenda…most say no

[LFC Comments:  We have not weighed in on this topic yet, so we thought that we would share this article by] ***** When Voters Understand LGBTQ Agenda Most Say No By Linda Harvey, June 2, 2020 Excerpts from… Read More ›

Leftists Revolution Coming…

[LFC Comments: Have you ever wondered what will happen starting November 4, 2020?] ***** The ongoing leftist revolution is trying to destroy what’s left of Christian civilization This new revolution unites all liberal causes into one and makes them… Read More ›

State Lawmakers Develop Amnesia

[LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at for this article.] ***** MANY WHO ABETTED LARRY HOUSEHOLDER’S MANIPULATIONS HAVE CONVENIENTLY DEVELOPED AMNESIA Published Sunday, August 2, 2020 By Thomas Suddes What an Ohioan sees seems to be what he… Read More ›

F.B.I. pays a visit to Householder

[LFC Comments: Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this article from the Dayton News.  Looks like the F.B.I. is turning over every rock and Apple device.] ***** Excerpts from the article: “The House GOP caucus issued the following statement:… Read More ›