LGBTQ Agenda…most say no

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When Voters Understand LGBTQ Agenda Most Say No

Excerpts from the article:

“It’s not a secret that activists driving “LGBTQ” rights in America are grand manipulators of public opinion, policy and facts.

So when it comes to polls on this subject, it turns out that depth of voter understanding is key. When Americans comprehend the outcome of granting homosexual or transgender policy demands, most respond with a resounding “no.”

“When asked about cross-sex hormones prescribed to minor children for the purposes of gender change, an overwhelming 73.3% in Ohio oppose this practice. So recent bills that would ban these mutilating treatments for children, such as H.B. 513 in Ohio and similar legislation in other states, would be supported by most voters. Only 13.6% supported this practice, with others undecided.”

“And Americans really don’t want radicals messing with their kids’ minds, hearts and bodies. The “drag queen story hours” that some taxpayer libraries insist are “inclusive” are frankly nauseating to most parents. Even if one is inclined to give a break to “LGBTQ” expression, having a bearded man in an evening gown who hasn’t passed a background check snuggle with your four-year-old on his lap is just not going to happen.”


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