COVID 19 – Mandated Vaccine

[LFC Comments:  Here is a question for you to ponder.  When it is available, will you take the COVID-19 vaccine if you know that fetal cells from aborted fetuses were used to develop the vaccine?]


Say NO to Mandated Vaccines

from Aborted Fetal Cell Lines

It is good to see the Bishop of Tyler, Texas make an unequivocal statement on the use of COVID-19 vaccines that have been developed using the body parts of children who were murdered by abortion.

In a recent twitter statement on August 1st  he said, “I renew my call that we reject any vaccine that is developed using aborted children. Even if it originated decades ago, it still means a child’s life was ended before it was born & then their body was used as spare parts. We will never end abortion if we do not END THIS EVIL!”

Bishop Strickland was reacting to a statement from the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales who have used the somewhat confusing words of a pontifical study group who gave approval to the use of aborted children’s body parts in vaccines, as justification for their statement.  This pontifical group does not set doctrine for the Church – only makes suggestions.

In an open letter to his diocese, he noted that, “Tragically, people are not aware of or have chosen to turn a blind eye to the advances in medical science which allow vaccines to be developed with the wholesale use of aborted children’s bodies.”

Please consider joining Christians and Bishops from around the world who continue to resist the over-reach of world-wide government’s mandates concerning response to the COVID-19 virus particularly from the anticipated mandating of COVID-19 vaccines.

Click here to sign.

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