Holmes & Watson…they are at it again

Our intrepid duo have heard some disturbing news about Concord Township. They plan on getting to the bottom of the shenanigans.   Oh how they love to expose the politicians and bureaucrats.    Stay tuned, this is going to be interesting.

dr watson image


“Holmes, did you know that we are not well liked in Concord Township?”


sherlock holmes image
“Well Dr. Watson, that must mean that we are doing our job…keeping the politicians on their toes and reminding them that they work for the taxpayers.”


dr watson image


“Have you heard the latest about nice guy turned super sleuth, Andy?  He is taking the fire levy defeat personally, and the gloves have come off….dear me…what a fine kettle of fish he has created.”

sherlock holmes image


“Why my good doctor, I have not been privy to the sordid details.  A sticky wicket you say.  I thought with the new Trustees that a new day was dawning in Concord Township.  Do tell me each intricate detail.  I must have the facts.  Don’t the taxpayers have rights in Concord anymore?”


dr watson image
“Bloody right, they do have rights, and they are about to exercise them.”

“Protecting their freedom and liberty is paramount to Americans.”

“They will sort out some details first…and then they will share their story.”


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  1. Bravo, Mr. Massie, bravo. Our firefighters and EMS pros have had to wait even longer to get the resources they desperately need because of an inappropriate attempt to pass Issue 1 more than 9 months ago.

    Now they – and all of Concord residents – risk having to wait even longer (and with no guarantee of a successful outcome) with the township pursuing basically the same strategy, even though many informed and alternative opinions were expressed at the recent stakeholder meetings.

    There’s still much to discuss and the necessary compromises to get the job done and done right. What we don’t have time for is misinformation and anything less than full transparency.


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