When Government Officials Cross the Line Into Tyranny

Written by: Brian Massie, Concord Township

We take no joy in writing this letter because we like Mr. Andy Rose, Concord’s Administrator.   However, when we hear first hand about government personnel creating and maintaining dossiers on citizens residing in the community, it concerns us greatly.  It is an affront to our individual freedom and liberty.  That conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.

Targeting, harassing, or bullying citizens because they are not in agreement with the policies of the Trustees or the Administrator is crossing the line into tyranny.

Here is a letter that we delivered to the Town Hall on Wednesday at 9:00 am.  We will follow up with another article describing the events that have occurred.

August 4, 2020

Hand delivered

Mr. Andy Rose
Concord Township
7229 Ravenna Road
Concord Township, OH  44077

Re: Ohio Open Record Law Request

Dear Mr. Rose:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Ohio Open Records Law ORC 149.43 B (1), Lobbyists for Citizens requests from the Concord Township access to and a copy of the following records within a reasonable time period:

1. Copies of all correspondence between and among Concord Township administration and elected officials dealing with the groups known as “Defend Concord” and “Affordable Concord Taxes”.  The correspondence includes all emails, letters, and memos.  Additionally, we are requesting copies of all documentation, including, but not limited to legal briefs, personal notes, and documents regarding both groups.

  1. Copies of all correspondence and documentation (see definitions above) dealing with, discussing, or referencing the following citizens from 1-1-17 to 8-4-20:

Brian Massie / Denise Brewster / Vanessa Pesec / Linda and Gene Kangas / Robert Sanderson / Chris Lazuka / Faith Andrews / Thomas Hach / Bob Patterson / Stephen Lee / Robert Zames

Public record means records kept by any public office, including, but not limited to, state, county, city, village, township, and school district units. ORC 149.43 (A)(l).

If this request is denied you are required to provide a written statement of the grounds for such denial. Such statement shall cite the specific provision of law under which access is denied and shall be furnished to the requester no later than the end of the third business day following the date that the request for the statement is received. ORC 149.43 (B)(3).

Any reasonably segregable portion of a record otherwise exempt from disclosure is required to be made available after deletion of the portions that are exempted by law. ORC 149.43

If any fee is to be charged for copying the requested records, please notify us in advance if the expected cost is likely to exceed $10.00.

If you do not understand this request or any portion thereof, or if you feel you require clarification, please contact us immediately at (redacted)  or brian@LobbyistsforCitizens.com.

Very respectfully,

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens

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  1. What did they say?


  2. Nicely done!!!


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