Month: August 2020

Jamie Callender Speaks Out on H.B. 6

[LFC Comments:  Here is a timely article by  We applaud Representative Callender for communicating clearly with the taxpayers of the 61st District.] ***** Perry nuclear plant rescue remains a good policy for Lake County: Jamie Callender By Guest… Read More ›

Governor DeWine Approves of “Dark Money”

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to the patriots at for this article on Governor DeWine’s approval of using “dark money”.] Excerpts from the article: “Not only does he intend to keep Dan McCarthy in his administration, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine… Read More ›

Linda Goudsmit…right on target

[LFC Comments:  Linda Goudsmit is “on target” again when she is interviewed by Joan Swirsky.  Her keen insight on America’s problem is greatly admired by LFC.  Please take the time to read her answers to Joan’s questions.] Excerpts… Read More ›

Diverse and divided

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Tabitha for another very fine article.  Just like everything the communist left touches “diversity” now has a new meaning. You must fit their definition of “diversity” or you will cancelled from society.] ***** Diverse and divided… Read More ›