Religious Freedom and Botched Abortions

Religious Freedom & Botched Abortions

It is time for the Ohio Legislature to call for a full-fledged investigation into the ODH for endangering the health of women in Ohio as well as for harassing law-abiding Godfearing Ohio citizens. Two breaking stories today show that it is beyond time to do so.

Our friends at Ohio Christian Alliance released a report today that proves that Christian churches across Ohio are being targeted and harassed by the Health Department over DeWine/Husted’s mandates that are trashing our Constitutional Rights. And at the same time this same Health Department, as reported by Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue, has allowed abortion mills across the state to operate without licenses for years on end.

Operation Rescue’s breaking news, reveals that not only are these “facilities” operating without licenses, but the ODH is not even carrying out an annual health inspection–which has resulted in another woman being sent by EMS to a nearby hospital to be treated for uncontrolled bleeding after her abortion.  The news report notes that even when the ODH does do health inspections, the officials are turning a blind eye to countless health violations allowing these butchers to continue to kill our children by the tens of thousands!

Acting ODH Director Lance Himes’ staff must quit harassing Christian churches thus infringing on our religious freedom, and instead focus on shutting down these disgusting killing factories, to protect women and children in Ohio.

ACTION: Please call/email/write/post/mail Governor DeWine, Lt Gov. Jon Husted, and Attorney General Dave Yost (with a copy to your statehouse representatives) and demand that the ODH do their job.  Please tell them to instruct Lance Himes and his staff to quit harassing Christian churches.  Instead, they must immediately shut down these abortion facilities that continue to maim and kill Ohioans in far greater numbers than COVID-19.


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