It’s a Matter of Life…

“It’s A Matter of Life..”

Written by: “Anonymous One”

Often, when discussing our national shame that is the 63 million murders of preborn American babies since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the rabid pro-death side ends their participation with the dismissive statement, “Well, it is “settled law”.  Christians have a moral obligation to unceasingly  engage in the fight to right this wrong.

The truth is that “settled law” is just a euphemism that jurists and legal scholars use to refer to Supreme Court precedent that is indeed binding—but ONLY until a majority of the justices decide that it should be overruled.

Man’s law can not make moral that which God has declared immoral. Even if the sin of child butchery was legalized in 1973, it will always remain a sin in the eyes of God.


[LFC Comments:  Christians, please do not look away when you know what is evil and against God’s law.  Speak up, be brave, and pay no attention to our cancel culture that is meant to eliminate free speech.]

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