Lake County Citizen Has Concerns About Cirino and Regovich

[LFC Comments:  A Lake County citizen expressed concerns to us about the relationship between Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino (State Senator candidate) and Willowick Mayor Richard Regovish.  Let’s see how we can help, shall we?)


From the Concerned Citizen:

Something has been bothering me and thought I’d run it by you (LFC).

Jerry Cirino has started to promote Willowick Mayor Richard Regovich, including insisting Regovich get appointed to the Lake County Republican Party Executive Committee as the finance chair even though he’s never been involved in party affairs before.

I wondered if their alliance was related to the Better Flip Program and sure enough I found some things that suggest it.  First, I found your article about it:

I agree it’s highly concerning that Regovich runs a for-profit home improvement business and then works with the county on this taxpayer funded program to promote home remodeling in his city, which could potentially profit him personally. Digging around, I found more for you, and thought you might be interested in digging in.

In 2007, Regovich formed a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation called Willowick Housing Rehab, Inc. Regovich was the incorporator, statutory agent and on the board.
In 2014, Regovich was appointed to City Council after a councilman died. Also in 2014, Willowick Housing Rehab, Inc. changed its trade name to Willowick Hearts and Hammers.
Willowick Hearts and Hammers, the Mayor’s non-profit corporation, is now being promoted on the City of Willowick’s website. The city, on its website, is soliciting donations for the Mayor’s corporation!
And it’s a non-profit corporation related to the mayor’s for-profit business, meaning is it a vehicle whereby the mayor is using the city website and city affiliation with his nonprofit to promote his personal business?
Isn’t it interesting that all of these government affiliated nonprofits are promoting something that the mayor could personally profit from? You have to wonder what is the relationship between the Better Flip, Hearts and Hammers and Regovich’s personal business?
I would like to see a records request to Willowick and/or the Port Authority. Because the Willowick city website is representing that Willowick Hearts and Hammers is a city-affiliated organization, its records **should** be public. So should the Lake County Port Authority records related to a Willowick organization.
I’d like to see:
From the City of Willowick:
All contributions received by Willowick Hearts and Hammers (aka Willowick Housing Rehab, Inc.) from 9/1/2017 to present.
All expenditures, including payments of salary, compensation, payments to contractors, consultants, goods, materials, etc. made by Willowick Hearts and Hammers (aka Willowick Housing Rehab, Inc.) from 9/1/2017 to present.
[LFC Comment:  Here is our records request to the City of Willowick:  Records Request City of Willowick 8-13-20  ]
From the Lake County Port Authority:
Any payments made to Willowick Hearts and Hammers (aka Willowick Housing Rehab, Inc.), the City of Willowick, Regovich’s Home Improvement, or Richard Regovich from 9/1/2017 to present.
[LFC Comment:  Here is our records request to the Lake County Port Authority:    Records Request Lake County Port Authority 8-13-20
[LFC has written extensively about the Better Flip and the malfeasance of Commissioners Jerry Cirino and Ron Young for not caring one iota that the Lake County Port Authority spent $299,000 of taxpayers’ money on a Willowick bungalow without even establishing a budget for the project – although they had two building “experts” on their board.   
It was this project that showed us that Commissioner John Hammercheck is the only Commissioner that is a good, faithful steward of the taxpayers’ money.
Stay tuned for an update to this article after we receive the records we have requested.]

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  1. Also odd, why does this guy get put in place after someone dies?? It just seems odd. Is he the male version of HRC? (kidding, not kidding)


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