Tuscarawas Records Request

[LFC Comments: At the request of Tuscarawas County lobbyist Wilson-Charles: Haugh Jr., we are publishing his records request to the local officials.]


Donald Kemp, Council President
Julie Courtright, Clerk of Council
Joel Day, Mayor
Orvis Campbell, Sheriff

I need a copy of the oath, bond, certificate of election and any other documents that pertain to these individuals holding their office. All of council, the mayor, chief of police, prosecutor, commissioners, judge Vonallman, principal of east elementary, and officer Kyle Kelley.

This is pursuant to Ohio revised code 149.43.

Your timely response is appreciated! ! Now step servant!!

I have justice to bring!
Wilson-Charles: Haugh Jr.

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1 reply

  1. Is it true we have office holders who have no bonds and have failed to provide proper oaths before exercising authority? Where are the bonds?


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