Concord Township Pedaling a “Just in Case” Fire Levy

We noticed an article in today’s News-Herald that should interest the senior citizens of Concord Township.

Concord fire station plan still too costly

I am writing about The News-Herald’s coverage of the Concord fire station issue.

The Aug. 11 article was focused entirely on the trustees’ stance, but didn’t address the numerous opposing views and sensible ideas of the residents who took the time to participate in a series of public input meetings.

The township immediately came out with what appeared to be a pre-determined decision to proceed with an undefined plan for Station No. 1, which was still too large and costly. The total estimated price tag for both stations is essentially the same as the one voted down in 2019 – i.e., an exorbitant $13.75 million.

The trustees referred to the $8 million tax levy as a “just in case” amount, but we see it as a padded tax levy that will cost more than $1,600 over 26 years for a $300,000 home.

Moreover, the reporter offered no personal stories expressed by the many seniors who can’t afford the constant string of incremental tax increases.

And it’s absurd to claim the levy is justified simply because it’s approximately the same millage as the Morley Library levy. That levy will end in 2021 and provide much needed tax relief to residents, so we don’t need to add another tax that negates these savings.

Affordable Concord Taxes and our many supporters believe it is the fiduciary responsibility of our elected officials to first build a cost-effective Station No. 2 on Prouty Road with their stated $3 million in available cash at the start of construction.

Robert Sanderson Concord Township



Save Our Seniors!

Prior Concord Trustees should have replaced Fire Station #2 on Prouty Road 10 years ago, but chose to buy seven acres of land in their ill-advised Town Center concept. They then spent money on their road to no where with a round-a-bout that serves no purpose.

The current trustees, administrator, and fire chief are using the firefighters and paramedics in their dangerous “all or nothing game of chicken”.

We submit that Mr. Morgan McIntosh, a Concord Trustee, admitted that this levy is asking for more money than they need for the construction of the two fire stations.

From the Concord Township website, we read the transcripts of the special meeting held August 4, 2020. On page 16 of the transcript, lines 5 – 8, Mr. McIntosh admitted that they are asking for $2 million more than needed because it will “give them a cushion”.

Lines 5 – 8 of the transcript:

5 “So I think it’s prudent at this point to seize upon
6 the nominal amount more of cost in this, in the $8 million ask
7 over the 6 simply because, with the interest rates being so
8 low, it’s going to give us cushion.”

We salute Mr. McIntosh’s station in life if he can say that $2 million is a “nominal amount” of money. “Just in case” is not a satisfactory reason for Concord’s residents to support this levy.


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  1. What would you expect from a left wing owned  newspaper, which it is, and an incompetent “non thinking controlled REPORTER”? He writes exactly what he’s told. The News Herald should close shop, as no one I know even reads that paper.About all it’s worth is to be used to start a fire in a fireplace.Bob ZamesConcord Twp.

    Robert ZamesReal Estate Broker/Appraiser/ConsultantFlorida Tax Lien Certificate Investing 440-478-2308


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