Can you predict the winner on November 3rd?

We found this Real Clear Politics interactive website that allows you to project the winner of the Presidential election on November 3, 2020.

All you have to do is click on the State to change its status from Democrat to Republican or vice-versa.

Remember it takes 270 votes in the Electoral College to win.

In 2016, President Trump received 304 votes (57.25%) versus 227 votes (42.75%)for Hillary Clinton…she still needs counseling after that one…

We thought we should look into our crystal ball, and try to see the results on November 4th, 2020…Wow, very interesting, we must say:

LFC’s Crystal Ball

Ah yes….the image is getting clearer, and clearer….OMG…look what we see:

Our crystal ball sees 70% / 30% in favor of President Donald Trump…the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be heard throughout the land…

Hollywood elites promise once again they are leaving the country…but they are just deceivers…

Pro sports are giving tickets away, pleading fans to return, stating that they were just kidding about disrespecting our flag and country…fans tell them to “take a hike”.

Concord Township’s officials are still scratching their [fill in the blank] wondering how their “Just in Case They Need the Money Fire Levy” failed once again, and their Administrator has vowed to sharpen his 3 card Monte skills for next year.

Willoughby Eastlake School District is working on another emergency property tax levy to cover the cost of haz mat suits for administrators.

Oh no…the crystal ball is starting to fade….geez, we were about to see the outcome of the races for the three amigos also known as the three J’s [Jerry, Jason, and Jamie]..lo siento…..maybe we will try again later…


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