Constitutional Convention…and more

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to our California lobbyist for this question and answer article on the Constitutional Convention and other topics germane to our current world..  The Constitutional Convention topic was all the rage a couple of years ago.  However, now that the socialists/communists have the BLM movement, the Russian collusion hoax, Burisma hoax, coronavirus, ad infintitum, it does not appear that they need the convention to totally negate the U.S. Constitution.  The Democrats and the Supreme Court are doing that all on their own.  However, it is important that citizens understand what it is all about.  Read and learn.] 

Excerpts from the article:


  • 1) Who has the authority to call a Constitution Convention?
  • 2) How does a Constitutional convention work? (What are the rules…etc.
  • 3) How can we place limits on the authority to stop travel, ban public gatherings…etc. the CDC and other governmental health agencies are abusing covertly and overtly?
  • 4) What happens if the Fed does not bail out Calpers…etc.?  [LFC: This is the California public employee state retirement system]


  1. Actually, a Constitutional convention is covered in Article V of the Constitution which provides that Congress shall call a convention “on the Application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several States.”  There is no indication that can be inferred from the Founding-era convention practice, that there is any exception suggesting that this clause is straightforward. It is unlikely that the Democrats would vote for such a convention. As such, it does not appear to be a viable option. [LFC Comment: Very few conservatives would support a convention for fear of a “runaway convention” that would totally re-write our Constitution.]
  2. There really is nothing in the Constitution that allows for the states or the feds to lockdown the entire country. There have been decisions and historical precedents where those who are sick can be quarantined. But no government in 6,000 years has ever imprisoned the entire population on the theory of protecting public health. [LFC Comments: Mandatory wearing of masks is a sign of governmental control.  It should be optional for those that are not living in fear.]
  3. Unfortunately, our legal system FAILS to protect people. It allows the government to do whatever it desires and then puts the burden on the people to go to court. It takes years to get to the Supreme Court, who may just rubber-stamp the government anyway. Our legal system is wholly inadequate and it encourages tyranny as we are experiencing right now.  [LFC Comment: Sadly, we agree with this answer.  The lawyers have a nice gig going on feathering their own nest, and the average citizens become just sheep in a corrupt system designed to protect the wealthy and the power brokers.]

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  4. All state pension systems are going to fail. This is why there is a push to really get rid of Trump so they can usher in major tax increases to bail out the government pensions. The Democrats are advocating the same posture as in Europe. It is the World Economic Forum which under Picketty is advocating a 400% increase in taxes in Europe.


[LFC Comments:  FYI.  The Picketty mentioned happens to be Thomas Picketty, a French economist.

Thomas Piketty is a French economist whose work focuses on wealth and income inequality. He is a professor at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, associate chair at the Paris School … Wikipedia.

So the average American citizen is going to be expected to bail out all of the bankrupt States’ public and teachers’ retirement systems, and then offer reparations for slavery to the tune of $350,000 for every black American.  That is about $14 trillion for reparations, and unknown trillions to bail out the public employee retirement systems.  For discussion purpose, let’s say that the retirement systems need another $6 trillion to make them whole.  Before the coronavirus shut down our economy the American federal deficit was ~$20 trillion, so we are contemplating doubling the deficit.  Let that sink in, please.

And to top it off, they will try to pull off this theft on the backs of seniors on social security with annual income averaging ~$17,000 per year.

As our contributing author, Linda Goudsmit, says…..”Who is driving the bus?”]

Dear A,erica book image

This book is available on, and explains very well what is happening in our country.  We are going to have to start accepting the uncomfortable truths, rather than the comforting lies.]





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