Ohio by the numbers…who is to blame?

[LFC Comments: Here is a very interesting article from the Center Square.  It clearly highlights the states that are on the rise due to migration, and those that are falling on very hard times. Where do you think Ohio stands in the rankings?  Read and learn.]


Excerpts from the article:

“Ohio, which has a progressive state income tax, saw a cumulative decrease in adjusted gross income (AGI) between 2010 and 2018 of $11.5 billion, according to a new analysis of Internal Revenue Service data by the independent research website Wirepoints.

Ohio ranked 43rd in the study comparing the 50 states’ AGI numbers to out- and in-migration numbers. Ohio reported a 4.3 percent decrease in AGI in 2018 compared to 2010, when the total AGI stood at $267 billion.

Overall, the 17 states with either no income tax or a flat income tax attracted a net 1.9 million residents and $120 billion in AGI from those states with progressive income tax systems during that time period, Wirepoints reported.

The study, however, did recognize that income tax systems are not the only reason people move from one state to another. Other reasons involve employment, housing, weather and corruption, Wirepoints reported.”


holding your nose

{LFC Comments:  The ever increasing property taxes are not included in this report, but it is definitely negatively impacting Ohio residents. When we look at the large decreases in Illinois, California and New York, we say that the reason they have lost so much is because they have Democrat leadership.  So why is Ohio dropping like a rock when we have Republican leaders…..wait, wait a minute.  Eureka, that is it… we have had DeWine and Kasich as Governors pretending to be Republicans.  That explains it.]

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