What are the next steps?

What are the Next Steps for the Evil Doers?

Written by Brian Massie

[LFC Comments: Thanks to a Brecksville lobbyist for this article about British citizens tearing down their statues.  Obviously, we are witnessing a worldwide effort to destroy Western civilization.]


“Fine article from the UK. Time for all good men to step up!….signed J.”


Excerpt from the article:

“Watching the depressing spectacle of a mob viciously tearing down a statue in Bristol last weekend, I was reminded of the sentiment of the Spanish born philosopher George Santayana who concluded that, stripped of experience of the past, we live in a state of permanent infancy.”

“The relationship between the past, present and future – the journey of mankind through recorded time – is fundamental to who we are. The past cannot be sanitized because we comprise all that came before us – good, bad and ugly. If we lose sight of the truth of history, as Santayana understood, ‘we are condemned to repeat it’ as our lives become ephemeral, insubstantial and largely meaningless. We should gauge today’s extremists knowing that tyrants of every era have sought to re-write or obliterate the past – from China’s Chairman Mao to Hitler and, more recently, the Taliban.”

Dear A,erica book image

[LFC Comment: When I read Santayana’s statement it reminded me of the book by Linda Goudsmit  “Who’s driving the bus”….she nailed it!   We highly recommend her book.


Here is a quote from page 66 of Linda’s book:
“How do we achieve a civilized way of life? A civilized society requires its chronological adult citizens to be developed emotionally.  it demands a public and private commitment to the growth process of its children.  What facilitates growth?  First, one must make a commitment to personal responsibility  for one’s behavior regardless of state of mind.  This commitment must be made universally in society by individuals, parents, mental health professional, government officials  – all segments of society that have an interest  in the survival of civilized life.”
[LFC Comments:  Here is my response to “J” from Brecksville about the British article.]
Fight we must…but we are not only in a world-wide cultural war against the communists, but a spiritual one as well against pure, unadulterated evil.

Unless we see the evil doers punished at the federal level, citizens will lose faith in our system of laws.  A two-tiered justice system will be another nail in the coffin of our Republic.

It seems apparent that regardless of who wins the election in November, we are destined for a civil war because that is what the communists want.  Their goal is the complete destruction of Western civilization.

Our unwillingness to clamp down on the absolute lawlessness happening in our country only emboldens the evil doers.

We have turned our backs to God by destroying the family, babies and morality.  It is clear to me that evil works in incremental steps – at times so slowly that we are not aware what is happening to us.

Many of our religious leaders have also failed us by conforming to the ever-changing mores of our culture rather than preaching the revealed Word of God.  Woe be to those that call evil good and good evil….Isaiah 5:20

When the evils of pedophilia and child trafficking are rampant in our society, and no one is held accountable, or is even willing to discuss it, the church has failed its flock and God.  Failure to protect the most innocent in our midst illustrates a society that is not on a righteous path.

There will be a heavy price to pay.  Or, as my good, patriotic friend Leonard G. says: “We are due for a spanking.”

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  1. When the evils of pedophilia and child trafficking are rampant in our society, and no one is held accountable, or is even willing to discuss it…

    …explain to me how no one is held accountable or discussing these issues? I people are arrested DAILY for these crimes. Heck, Lake County has a task force against human (children are human too) trafficking. Clearly people are talking about.


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