State Rep. Candidate Adam Dudziak…speaks out on issues

Adam Dudziak

Adam Dudziak [D] Candidate for State Rep. District 61

LFC Contacted Mr. Adam Dudziak, candidate for State Representative (District 61), and he was very gracious in answering our questions in a very timely manner.  We thank him for his responses.We are not offering our opinions on his qualifications or his answers.  We are simply providing Mr. Dudziak a forum to communicate with our readers.  We will take the same approach with all candidates. All of his answers are exactly as he provided them to us.]


Question #1: In your Facebook video and you mentioned that you have core values that you will never change.  Would you mind giving us those core values?

Mr. Dudziak’s answer:

  • I believe that Education is the single most important aspect of our community.  An educated population is good for our community.   Education will solve healthcare issues, environmental issues, peace/war issues, injustice issues, economic issues, and any other problem we encounter.
  • I will ALWAYS represent every single person in my community.   It doesn’t matter if you are white or black; rich or poor; powerful or not; Democrat or Republican.   I will represent ALL because WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL.
  • I believe that we need to fix our broken system.  I have seen that elections are mostly decided on bank accounts and not the best candidates. Lobbyists and PACs are buying elections and our “representatives” are not a true representation of our communities.   We must change all of this.
  • I believe corporations should have NO say in elections. Citizens United must be repealed. 

Question #2: How strong do you believe you are on financial matters?  You did mention that school levies bring in a fixed amount of revenue and never increase.  Therefore, the schools must be constantly promoting property tax increases.  However, that is not entirely accurate since there are property revaluations every 3 and 6 years, and the inside millage revenue may increase without a vote of the taxpayers, and schools receive additional funds.   School funding will NEVER decrease, but the enrollment continues to decline.  It is simply not sustainable.

Mr. Dudziak’s answer:

  • Because of HB 920, the school’s tax collection is constant and does not increase.   Every school district has to take into account the increased cost of utilities, increased costs of healthcare, and increased educational costs while not receiving extra funding from the tax income.
  • My background is in education and I am not an economist.  I will bring my understanding of educational theory and community relations to the State House and I will rely on others for their advanced understanding of economic relations in Lake County.
  • You can look at any five year forecast and see the discrepancies between tax dollars collected and cost to run a district.   What our current system establishes is that districts have to be fundraisers rather than educators.   Our financial system has been ruled unconstitutional and it’s time we re-work the way we finance schools in Ohio.

Question #3: Do you recognize that if we stay on the current path of ever increasing property taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve?  

Mr. Dudziak’s answer:

  • That is absolutely correct and our unconstitutional system needs to be changed.   Local property tax is not the answer to school funding.

Question #4: If you are elected, on what committees do you hope to serve? 

Mr. Dudziak’s answer:

  • At this moment, my plan is to serve on the Primary and Secondary Education Committee, Criminal Justice Committee, Finance Committee, Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Question #5: What is your position on the Ohio Sunshine laws? 

Mr. Dudziak’s answer:

  • My position is that there SHOULD BE transparency in government.

Question #6: What is your position on abortion issues?

  • My stance is that abortion is not a political conversation and should be a decision between a women and a doctor.
  • I do not use the term pro-life or pro-choice.  I value life and I also value the services Planned Parenthood is providing.
  • I would also like to express my concerns in what I believe is hypocrisy with certain elected officials.  If your stance is that all abortions should be illegal, I would then like to know how you plan to increase birth control, increase supports for single mothers and young children, and how we are working to increase foster care and adoptions.  I hear people take strong stances against abortion but then also want to reduce all these other services.   That, in my opinion, is hypocrisy.
  • Our Supreme Court ruled on this topic in the Roe V. Wade decision and I will do what I can to protect those rights.

Question #7: What is your position on the Black Lives Matter issue?

  • I believe there is vast social injustice happening in our country.  I believe that we were ALL created equal and that we should be each provided with equal resources and opportunities.
  • My stance on Black Lives Matter is that we are not referring to bad people committing crimes.   This stance represents that the system is set up to have Black’s being arrest at 5 times the rates of white people, Blacks and Hispanics make up 32% of the population but 56% of all the people incarcerated, and the fact that prisons do not create a place of rehabilitation but system that increases the cycle of poverty and destruction to the family system.
  • There is systemic racism throughout our systems and that needs to be exposed and corrected.
  • Again, criminals must be held accountable but we need to remove the systemic racism in our system so ALL people have a chance at succeeding in our country.

Question #8: What is your position on defunding, or eliminating the local police departments.

  • I ABSOLUTELY support our local police department and value the incredible work they are doing in a very difficult time.
  • I do not like the title of “Defunding Police”.
  • I do believe that if we put more resources into our school systems and our mental health facilities we will be able to reduce the high demand for imprisonment and violent crimes.
  • We can also focus on rehabilitation of criminal behavior and rebuild the family structure to create an environment that allows police to establish relationships throughout the community rather than constantly responding to violent behavior and disrespect of the police force.
  • Any police officer with racist past behavior or consistent excessive use of force should be removed from their position and potentially face criminal charges.

Question #9: What issues will you address in your first term as State Representative?

  1. Increasing Educational Resources and establishing a committee to finally fix our unconstitutional school finance system.
  2. Ensuring a clean environment.
  3. Bringing more 21st century jobs to Lake County with a focus especially on the East Side of the County.
  4. Supporting Lake County Farmers.
  5. Getting rid of Gerrymandering in the State of Ohio and creating boundaries that more closely represent the people of the state.
  6. Working to overturn Citizens United and removing corporate and dark money in all of politics to allow for more “regular” people to get into the political world to represent our communities.
  7. Ensuring that the retired, elderly, and veterans are protected and assisting them work within their fixed incomes.
  8. Most importantly, ensuring that ALL people in Lake County (and all of Ohio) feel their voices are being heard and they are represented in a fair way in Columbus.


Here is a link to Mr. Dudziak’s Facebook page:

Since Mr. Dudziak’s strengths are in the areas of education we have ask an additional set of questions dealing with education.  We will publish those answers when we receive them from Mr. Dudziak.





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