Rep. Jamie Callender speaks out…

State Representative Callender was particularly upset with us; and we said that, with his permission, we would post his comments to us, thereby giving him an opportunity to defend himself.  Full disclosure – we happen to like Mr. Callender, and Mr. Rogers, but we never let our personal feelings get in the way of disclosing the truth to the citizens.

State Representative Callender’s comments:

I’m curious why you’ve decided to (inaccurately) attack me? I co-sponsored Merrin’s bill, and voted for it despite significant pressure from our schools (including having Mentor Schools run a big government person run against me).

I got HB6 done, which saves our counties largest property tax payer. If the power plant sht down, every property tax supported entity would have been back on the ballot. I’ve worked to (and continue to work for) more efficiencies for our schools, to save them (taxpayers) money, thus keeping them from trying to go to the ballot as often. And I drove 2 and a half hours each way to meet with you because I didn’t want to reschedule a second time, out of respect for you.

You not only stood me up, but didn’t have the common courtesy to let me know in advance. What did I do to make you want to treat me in such a way? I feel it must be personal, because my record of fighting to keep property tax lower is strong and public. I’ve always responded to you, and met with you any time you’ve requested.

Our response to Representative Callender:

Never personal…your office said that you would not be interested in helping Merrin other than voting for the legislation. We are expecting our representatives to really get behind it and fight the lobbyists that are deceiving the average citizen about the property tax ballot language issue.

(LFC Comments: There was a mix-up in communication between Callender’s office and LFC about the time of the meeting….we did not hear from the office to confirm, although they said that they did respond to our question.  There was no disrespect meant, and we apologized to Callender’s office manager for not attending.)

State Representative Callender’s comments:

I lived up to that “expectation” and yet you bashed me despite the clear and public facts to the contrary- combined with standing me up without a call (when I took the time to drive 2 and a half hours each way to meet you) does seem, at best, unprofessional and discourteous, and its hard not to take that as personal………

I work 12 hour days during the session weeks to represent the people of Lake County, and I don’t take the salary from the job- thus it is my donated time. I don’t except ANYTHING (even a bottle of water) from lobbyists, and am only doing this job to make a difference. Unfair criticism is a part of the job, and I expect it from the ill informed left, but it is frustrating when it comes from those who are on the same team.

(LFC Comments:  We strive to be apolitical on issues and truly try to report fairly on issues that are either not being covered by the local newspapers, or if the issue is covered, we want to provide another prospective.

With that in mind,  we are offering State Representative John Rogers the opportunity to state why he opposed Derek Merrin’s bill to simplify the ballot language on property taxes.

In the past, we have made offers to the Democrats to provide input, but, to date, they have never taken us up on our offers.

Note to the politicians:  Whether friends or not, be they Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, we will still continue to ask the tough questions, and “pull back the curtain” on issues impacting our community.No one gets a pass from us!)

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  1. If you do not except anything from lobbyists, then you must be by definition accepting them, even a bottle of water.


  2. I’ll tell you why Rogers voted AGAINST a bill that would make property tax ballot language more understandable for the voter…he does not want you to know EXACTLY how much money they will be paying in property tax per $100K valuation of their home. First and foremost he is a parasite…feeding off the taxpayer…like most all politicians and government types. Unlike Callendar, who at first blush appears to be a true public servant, Rogers is nothing of the sort.

    Secondly, John Rogers in in charge of the Lake County Land Bank. So what is the Lake County Land Bank? Why that is the non-profit entity that the county gives all the confiscated property that HAS BEEN FORECLOSED UPON DUE TO NON-PAYMENT OF PROPERTY TAXES!

    When the County forecloses on a property…THE MORTGAGE HAS BEEN PAID…these people are losing their property because they have not been able to afford to pay their property taxes. The County then confiscates the property…and gives it to Rogers…er…uh…I mean the Lake County Land Bank, where most sit for 3 years off the tax rolls.

    So then why would Rogers…a benevolent politician of the highest moral character (excuse me while I LMAO)…someone who CARES about his fellow man…you know because ALL the Demon-rats love their fellow man (still LMAO) vote NO on a bill that would have made property tax ballot language more understandable?

    Do you think Rogers WANTS you to understand how much money you will be paying in property taxes? Well, again he is in charge of the Lake County Land Bank where most properties that are foreclosed on in Lake County go.

    ALWAYS follow the money folks. Do you think that the corruption is only going on at the Federal level? Wake up people! So much corruption and pay to play in Lake County it is sickening. Despicable that these parasites can sleep at night when they are enriching themselves off of human suffering.

    Lake County does NOT need John Rogers as a Commissioner. We are trying to get rid of the corruption in Lake County for heaven’s sake. This POS just needs to term out and be gone!



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