The Swamp and Sewer…deep and smelly

Checkmate: One Man's Fight Against Political Corruption

We are currently reading the book titled Checkmate, written by Steven W. Kraus.   He wrote about one man’s fight against political corruption IN OHIO!  He dared to fight the establishment.

When reading the first few chapters of the book, we were fascinated by the concept of “infiltration” between the parties. We must admit that we are really naive and never even knew it existed.  Quite simply,  it is nothing more than pure deception, and probably goes on in both parties.  One member of a party states that his party has left him, no longer shares his/her values, and they are now switching to the other party, or have filed as an independent allowing them to run as a candidate for the other party.

History is replete with these type of people….Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold are two that quickly come to mind.  The traitor now has the inside track on what is happening in the opposing camp, and can leak the information to his/her preferred party, thereby gaining a tactical, political advantage.

We wanted to share some additional political terms that the average citizen may not have heard about.

CABAL – We could also use “the Swamp”, or “the Sewer”.  This means that both parties, although in outward appearances are mortal enemies,  are working really together to share the power and the spoils.  It is similar to the WWE wrestling on television; they put on a show for the public, but afterward are patting each other on the back at the local watering hole with their favorite lobbyists in tow.

The elites of both parties get together to decide who should run against whom, and for what office.   The higher in the political pecking order (read: how much money can you bring into the Party, or what special talents do you possess that the Party can use) the greater the financial support you will receive  from the Party.

CUTTER –  Trying to defeat an incumbent, especially someone that has a well known family name is really difficult.  They depend on the independent voter just pulling the lever for the well-known name.  However, defeating an incumbent is easier in a primary election when an individual with a recognizable last name (living off the work done by prior family members) can switch to become an independent, thereby allowing them to file for the elected office as the other party.

[To illustrate:  A life-long Democrat can become an Independent, and file to run in the Republican primary.  If he/she wins, then that means that there are really two Democrats running for the same office. An absolutely brilliant deception, if we may say so.]

SACRIFICIAL LAMB –  A Party loyalist is asked to run for a given position even without the remotest possibility of winning.   The intent is to force the other party to spend money on the campaign, thereby reducing funds available to support another candidate, or reduce available funding in the general election.

TWO – STEP – This allows someone to be “invisible” to any public scrutiny.  For example,  if there was someone that was really, really good at running a political campaign, but does not want his/her efforts to be noticed by the public,  then a non-profit is formed and the individual merely works for and receives compensation from the non-profit.  The non-profit is not obligated to reveal their employees or contractors.  All nice and tidy and legal…..another grand deception played on the taxpayers…

SLATE CARD Probably should be called the “Seal of Approval” card.  It is the handy reference guide that is given to voters by each party just before any election.  The preferred candidates from President to the various local offices are identified by the Party bosses.  The “Sheeple” then can vote for a candidate without having to do the work of knowing the candidate’s position on anything.

One thing is certain, each individual on the slate card is required to endorse all of the other candidates on the card.  If you do not endorse a candidate selected by the Party bosses, you will not get on the slate card, will absorb the wrath of the Party, and can say “adios” to your political career. [Isn’t that right, Kim L.?]

Hmmmm image

We are quite surprised that we do not see more politicians with “chapped lips” from  “kissing the heinies” of the Party bosses so much.

Selling out their principles, beliefs and the citizens they represent has a price.

We will keep everyone updated as we continue to learn about the seedy side of politics…


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