Geauga Republican Party…a fairy tale?

[Once upon a time, Marge and Betty, two fictional, die hard Republican seniors and longtime Central Committee representatives, met at the local Geauga Tea House to discuss the recent sordid affairs of their Republican leadership.]

They No Longer Represent Me!

Marge image

 Marge:  “Betty, I am so glad we have a chance to catch up with the local news.  Have you heard the latest shenanigans of Nancy and her Executive Committee?  I have had it with their nonsense, and I am seriously thinking of dropping out of the Central Committee, and becoming an Independent!”

Betty image
Betty:   “What are you talking about Marge?   George and I just got back from Florida, so I have been out of the loop. What could possibly make you decide to drop out of the Republican Party after 35 years?  Tell me everything, and for Heaven’s sake, do not leave out the smallest detail.  This must be serious.”

Marge image

Marge:  “Oh, believe me it is as serious as a heart attack.  Well, you remember, way back in 2015 the horrendous treatment of the patriots, Tom and Diane Jones?  I am sure you remember that they, and about a dozen other patriots were kicked out of the Central Committee public meeting.”

“They filed a lawsuit questioning the Republican Party’s handling of the Sunshine Law during the meeting to approve vacancies to the Geauga Central Committee.”

We could not believe the callous attitude of the entire Executive Committee, and when we tried to ask questions. we got nowhere.”

Betty image
Betty:  “How could I forget.  I was so embarrassed by the way they were treated.  I did not blame them for filing the lawsuit against the Central Committee.”

Marge image
Marge: “Well, that was just the start of the story.  Remember Jimmy Lee, we had lunch with his wonderful wife a few months ago? “


Betty image
  “Sure, she was a darling, and very bright.  Is she involved in your story?”
Marge image
Marge: “Only indirectly, it is her husband, and the treatment of him by Nancy and the entire duplicitous, Republican Executive Committee that has me thinking of leaving the Party.  I’m afraid that they no longer represent me!”

Betty image
     Betty: If I remember correctly, Nancy also kicked out Jimmy Lee, Mary Ruth and her husband Andy, Dan Whiting, and that Democrat….sorry, I cannot remember his name…from the meeting.

Marge image

Marge: “Oh, that was Jim Dvorak who was a Democrat.  I say was, because he changed his uniform and became a Republican so that he could get elected Commissioner.  You know that loyalty is paper thin in politics. Your worth to the Party is measured by the amount of money you can bring in to the Party.  It is just one big cabal to fool the voters into thinking they have real choices….There is really only one Party.  Oh my, that is a big scam throughout Ohio….can’t say that I am very proud of that.”

Betty image
Betty:  “I am in that camp also. The ability to do the job is secondary, It is all centered around paying your dues to the Party, and waiting your turn to get nominated by the Party.  They really own your soul and control your life.

Back to the Joneses’ lawsuit…If I remember correctly, didn’t the Joneses’ case go to the Ohio Supreme Court, and then got dismissed in 2017?”

Marge image

Marge:  “Right, they ultimately lost because the Court said that they really did not suffer any financial loss because they got kicked out of the meeting.

The elites in our party know how to wield their power and maneuver themselves into plum positions. They keep their ‘eye on the prize’…they need their 3 P’s and B.”

Betty image


Betty:  “PPPB?”


Marge image
Marge: “Never forget, it is all about their Power, Pension, Pay, and Benefits….if the public should happen to get a benefit from them being in office, great, but that is a distant, secondary goal.”

Betty image


                     Betty: “Good grief! Well, what is Nancy up to now?”


Marge image
Marge:  “Plenty…looks like she may be gunning for the Ed Ryder’s position as President of the Geauga Board of Elections.

And she seemingly has a vendetta against our friend, Jimmy Lee.”

Betty image


Betty:  “A vendetta?  How so?”


Marge imageMarge:  “Well, Jimmy Lee tried to talk to Nancy about running for County Sheriff, and getting her support.  After first just ignoring him, she gave the names of three people that she would support before even thinking about Jimmy Lee.  When Jimmy Lee mentioned that they were Democrats, Nancy did not ‘miss a beat’, nor ‘bat an eye’.  They are all in on the scam….”

“She said that because Jimmy Lee sided with the Joneses in the lawsuit that cost the Republican Party $12,500 in legal fees. Until he paid the Party back, there was no way in hell the Party would support him.”

Betty image
Betty:  “Oh, she pulled the ‘Party’ card…The Party ‘uber alles’…You cross the Party elites and your career is over.  Everyone knows that an Independent can rarely get elected.”

Marge imageMarge:  “You are not kidding.  A prime example is Bob, who was running for Common Pleas Court in November, 2018.  Bob is a dyed in the wool, staunch Republican.  He had to run as an independent since he could not gain party support over David Ondrey, you know him.. the Thrasher, Dinsmore and Dolan attorney, and Bob ended up placing third behind the Democrat Matt Rambo.”

“Talk about a ‘kick in the teeth’ from Party elites when during your whole career you have been a loyalist to the Party.”

“I fear the Jimmy Lee is going to have an upward battle, because without Queen Nancy’s support nothing good will happen.  That’s the way politics is played in Geauga County.”

Betty image

Betty:  “Well I am sick and tired of this nonsense too.  When I also think about the actions of the prosecutor it is time for the average Geauga voter to wake up to the deceptions being played on them.  If this corruption continues, I will be joining you as an Independent. I am tired of being taken as a fool, just ‘going along to get along’.  The days of bowing at the altar of the Geauga Republican elites is over.

I am going to support Jimmy Lee for Geauga County Sheriff.  He is the true professional, and is the right man to clean up this swamp that we have allowed to grow wide and deep.  It is time that the Republican Central Committee take their Party back.”

Marge imageMarge:  “You are absolutely right Betty. It seems that the elites have big problems with the Joneses for exposing the truth, and shining the light into the darkness of Geauga County politics.

Well, it has been their playground for far too long, time for a regime change.

All the way with Jimmy Lee for Geauga County Sheriff. To hell with the Party, they no longer represent me.”

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