Cleveland Rape Crisis Center…financial results

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I never realized social work could be so profitable…..

The Lake County ADAMHS Board has been supporting the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center with a payment of $28,000 for each of the last three years – 2015, 2016, and 2017 – for a total of $84,000.  For such a profitable “non-profit”, I am not sure why they would need $28,000 from Lake County. (Perhaps to pay for a liaison between Cleveland and Lake County, but I am not sure. That is a question to be asked of the ADAMHS Board)

We received three years of their IRS Form 990.  Here is what we discovered:

Year                   Total Revenue                                Total Expenses               Revenue less Expenses
2013                   $1,754,885                                     $1,508,720                             $246,165
2014                   $2,642,742                                     $1,878,877                             $763,865
2015                   $2,348,627                                     $2,332,335                             $  16,292
2016                   $4,669,268                                     $3,879,450                             $789,818

They have 33 individuals listed as trustee or director that work 1 hour per week, and receive no compensation.  They have 4 individuals that receive compensation from the non-profit and work 40 hours per week.  The reported compensation for 2016 was as follows:
President and CEO – $140,105
Chief Program Officer – $96,977
Chief Development Officer – $133,936
Chief Financial Officer – $14,750

Their expenses dramatically increased in 2015 and again in 2016 due to increases in salaries, benefits, and other expenses, reflecting a increase in growing organization.

Here is their Balance Sheet as of 12/31/16:
Balance Sheet FY 2010 – FY 2016

Please note that they reported $750,196 in savings and temporary cash investments, and another $540,681 reported on line 12 as other investments.  They have total net assets or fund balances of $2,738,956. (in a “for profit” company this is known as retained earnings)

These are facts and figures, but in no way can financial numbers reflect the impact the organization has on the welfare of the citizens in the community.  We provide the transparency, and you get to decide if they are good stewards of taxpayers’ funds.

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