Chain migration explained

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You have probably heard of chain migration.  The objective of our immigration laws where changed by Congress in 1965 from “merit based system” that allows for assimilation to one of “family reunification”.

Here is an article by the Federation for Immigration Reform that explains what the 1965 Act by Congress has done to the United States.

“Simply put, chain migration doesn’t place the interests of American citizens first. As a result, many well-deserving immigrants with skills and values that could potentially enhance the cultural and economic goals of the United States are passed over in favor of the relatives of previous migrants, no matter what they bring to the table. This is unfair to both American workers and those who have worked hard to form skills that could benefit this nation.

Replacing chain migration with a merit-based system would both lower the overall number of aliens accepted into the country each year, and ensure that those accepted are able to further the United States’ cultural and economic priorities.”

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