Understanding the Basics of Our Constitutional Republic

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

The John Birch Society has been educating the public about the U.S. Constitution for several decades. We thought it might be helpful for our readers to understand the basics of our Constitutional Republic, and what does it take to live in a truly free society.


Excerpts from the JBS website:

America’s founders gave us a Constitutional Republic. Because of them, we were born free. Nevertheless, we could die as slaves because we have, as a people, lost sight of basic truths:

1. Freedom cannot exist without morality. The phrase immoral free men makes no more sense than dry water. Unless we have sufficient character and moral fortitude, we will not be able to govern ourselves.

When morality declines, the abuse of rights increases and more government is necessary. Just as criminals need jailers and domesticated animals need herdsmen, an immoral citizenry needs a police state. If we ever abandon our morality and adopt instead the law of the jungle, we will lose our freedom.

2. Ignorant and free can never be. In order to be capable of self-government, we must not only be moral but informed. If we are not informed, we will tend to vote for the politician who promises the most. We will vote for more and bigger government until one day we have total government.

An uninformed electorate, whether moral or immoral, will vote itself into slavery. Only a moral, well-informed electorate will vote for people of principle — those who will limit the government to its proper role.

3. Our rights come from God. When God created man, He gave him certain inalienable rights. Because rights existed prior to men joining together to form governments, the purpose of government is only to protect these rights. The purpose cannot be to grant us rights that we already have. Nor can it be to legislate out of existence rights that are inalienable.

Our form of government is based on this fundamental truth. If we ever abandon it, we will lose our form of government.

4. The essence of freedom is the limitation of government. Because men are not angels, some government is necessary to secure our God-given rights. Because government officials are men, the powers of government must be strictly limited and constantly held on check.

The U.S. Constitution limits the powers of the Federal Government. Nonetheless, much that the Federal Government does today is unConstitutional. We have allowed this abuse of authority to occur because we have forgotten basic truths. We will preserve our freedom for future generations only if we recall the wisdom of the Founders and get back to basics!

We would highly suggest that our readers spend some time learning the basics of our form of government. What do you have to lose???

Answer: Your Freedom!

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