Illegal Aliens

Chain migration explained

You have probably heard of chain migration.  The objective of our immigration laws where changed by Congress in 1965 from “merit based system” that allows for assimilation to one of “family reunification”. Here is an article by the Federation for… Read More ›

Letter to News-Herald

On August 30, 2017 I wrote a letter to the News-Herald in response to an article that they had posted written by Monica Irelan, Painesville City Manager regarding Illegal Aliens. The News-Herald did publish the letter and had the audacity… Read More ›

Land Bank and Illegal Aliens

The mission of the Land Bank is to help stabilize and/or increase property values, strengthen communities and help to enhance the overall quality of life for Lake County residents. We accomplish this goal by revitalizing abandoned and/or blighted residential or… Read More ›